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The Disturbed Ones

  1. safara
    What's this do then? I am a sucker for pushing all the buttons.
  2. Rockchick
    Dont press the red button
  3. jim_T
    Feeling a bit thirsty and nothings better than taking a cold one w/ some rly disturbed fellas!
  4. Danoclese
    :bigsipofBeer: as if we don't do enough trash talking abot stuff in the regular forum
  5. safara

  6. Xantonia
    Can I play too please? I promise to hit the purple button instead
  7. Rockchick
    Oh good choice
  8. safara
    Bladdy hell, you know what happened last time the purple button was pushed
  9. jim_T
    So...what does this button do?...and what does this button do? ...and what does this button do? [ jim is 5 years old again ]
  10. Rockchick
    Men are defeated and become Womens slaves But don't let that put you off
  11. safara
    I rather fancy that Blue button with the green aura - what ya think??
  12. Rockchick
    No.. No.. No.. thats just silly
  13. Blackjack
    Wheeee!!!!! Look what I found!!!!!! Disturbed people!!!!
  14. Xantonia
    Well I'll push the purple one with pink spots then!!!
  15. jim_T
    w00t?! the buttons...have colors?
  16. Rockchick
    Yep but be careful which ones you press
  17. Danoclese
    Buttons? What buttons? Where the hell is the purple button??? All I got was a red pill and a blue pill...
  18. Lee
    Urgh, now there are social groups too, some of which are identical to the private forums and for the same people and discussing the same things (like WoF teams and socs not for the public) My head hurts. But at least this one is public so a way for the 'public' to join the nutters from TDO private forum (but couldn't they just be invited to that?)

    Oh well, waiting patiently for 711 to implement that application that will automatically clean my house and cook my dinner while I feck around on the forums
  19. safara
    Yeah Lee, tis all a bit mad.

    Kinda like a replacement for our origional TDO thread in the soc section before we got our private section.
  20. Stinky
    With all these groups to keep looking over, i might not be able to play anymore
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