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Ava for Mary

  1. Skullseige
    Mary has a sad blank in his Ava portrait for EF. I was thinking of having a little "Find Mary an Ava" thread. Once I get home today I shall go look for one.
    After a week or two I think we can do a vote for Mary's new avatar Portrait, of course, it first needs to be OKed with Mary.
  2. Skullseige
    The first one i found could be the best, this is Mary Jane from the Spiderman series:

    Click to enlarge

    AFRO MARY!!!!!:

    Click to enlarge

    And we can't forget Mary the Nun. You might want this one Mary:

    Click to enlarge
  3. travolta
    lol so funny!! i think the last one is good! we had study in nun college
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