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Midwest USA Group

  1. Dextar
    I am from SouthEastern Ohio (actually almost exactly in the middle of the of the lower portion of the state in Jackson County. About 2 hours East of Cincinnati.
  2. Dion Red Strike
    Dion Red Strike
    Nice, I'm in Indianapolis.. I'm trying to get MA to the GenCon in Indy in Aug.
  3. sir odd
    sir odd
    In Iowa City, Iowa Cow tipping does not involve amarax though lol.
  4. BrianMik
    Hey everyone. Twin Cities, Minnesota here.
  5. Dion Red Strike
    Dion Red Strike
    We need more midwest players -.-
  6. dub
    St. Louis represent
  7. Dextar
    Woot Dion! Indy is the home of My 2nd Favorite Pro Football Team! I Luv to Watch Payton play! The Guy is PHEEnominal!
  8. Dion Red Strike
    Dion Red Strike
    Anyone going to the gencon in Indy in August?
  9. Dion Red Strike
    Dion Red Strike
    There needs to be a way to show when there is a new message here -.-

    We have a new member tho!
  10. Fuega
    Thanks for adding me to the group. If anyone is ever in Springfield Missouri, be sure to say hi.
  11. chrisdors3
    Milwaukee over here
  12. Basura
    What up! Anyone in the Twin Cities?!
  13. BrianMik
    Hey Basura, I just recently moved from the Twin Cities to Fargo. There's actually a surprising number of people from the Twin Cities in EU. Just heard yesterday about a possible MN Meetup in the works.
  14. mastermesh
    I'm in Central Missouri.
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