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  1. Crone
    Newest items will be on top of each category to make browsing easy. Just give Crone a shout.

    • Omegaton A106 (laser amp)
    • Camo arms jungle stalker (high tier prefered)

    • Shadow F, UL (buyer is considdering other items instead as well, it will possibly include the trade of Angel SGA and CLD's)
    • Supremacy footguards F,L
    • Hermes, Infiltrator or Eon harness F,L (High Tier(rates) mandatory)
    • Reworked infiltrator harness F,L

    Enmatters & ores
    • Kanerium
    • Redulite
    • Vesperdite
    • Zanderium
    • Chalmon

    • none
  2. Crone
    Crone is updating daily so far.
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