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East Coast USA

  1. MindStar9
    Hello Fellow USA East Coasters ... wanted to have a special place just for us too, so be sure to join the group and let's share some experiences and fun up in here! I am Central West Coast Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Petley
    Hey All Upstate NY here!!!! Thanks MS9 for setting this up!
  3. 11B
    yoyo, Saint Petersburg, FL here. East Coast USA wooo!!
  4. pesok
    Boston, Mass here! excited to see if any of my neghbours around?
  5. Kitty
    North Carolina here, too far from my Florida home =(
  6. Compusmurf
    Tampa area, FL
  7. Fort
    New Hampshire here. Go EastCoast!!
  8. Jowy2000
    north philly
  9. MindStar9
    Hello everyone ... thanks for joining up. Hopefully we'll get more people in here from the East Coast. Long time no see Kitty, glad you signed up. I know you're a long way from Florida, but the main thing is ... are you happy where you're at? Now, how about all you with a question mark in your icons get a pic uploaded to your "profile" area so that we have something nice to look at!
  10. Heap
    Yo folks! Detroit, MI here.
  11. Mal
    North Carolina here too what part u from kitty i'm near Charlotte
  12. Compusmurf
    Wow, Detroit, MI is in the eastern time zone? I figured they'd be central.
  13. Rayne Jade
    Rayne Jade
    Kittery, Maine here... just over the border from New Hampshire.
  14. MindStar9
    Nice to see all of you here ... hopefully we will have more EU players from the East Coast US as well. Tell anyone you know from the East Coast to sign up if you will. What are your specialtyies ingame if any?
  15. Compusmurf
    lol, My specialty? I'm a pedwaster. I do a good job helping to refill the lootpool. Anymore, I only play for fun. Tho I mostly sold out a year ago, I still play for fun, tho not as much as I used to. Really, there IS a life after EU!. No, I'm being serious! Honestly!
  16. MindStar9
    I'm a ped-recycler ... I've been doing really well with the crafting for some time now, but I mostly recycle the ped into either more crafting, or other things I enjoy doing, like the beacon marathons I have coming up ... I added another one for my WoF Team Amethera family as an "after WoF" celebration of our efforts. My main mission from day one when I joined PE (back then) was to be able to spend time with my brother (Jetboy) and have some fun, but never did I ever expect it all to turn out the way it did. I'm in it for the fun, pure and simple ... and for those who know me, I will create it any way I can!
  17. Mal
    well i trade cause i cant out peds in, but besides that i hunt,mine and dont craft much but occasionally.
  18. SKoRN
    Hello All
    I'm in New Hampshire!
  19. SpikE Odets
    SpikE Odets
    Hey all.. im in Williamsburg, VA.. nice to see a few East Coast players. As far as my "specialty".. its what ever i feel like doing at the time. I should pick a path and follow it.. but i have way to much fun, hunting hoggs.. and then hitting the crafting machines to make some swords. And when i run out of materials.. its always fun to play hide and seek with the ores that are just lying around if you can find them. So far my highest profession is hunting with lvl 38 laser pistol.

    ps. Ill get a pic posted when i get off work
  20. Trina Xenophage
    Hi all! guess I outta pop in and say Hi..I was born in Joisy not far from AC and now live in New york. Right now my interests have been making holes in EU and then complaining on EF there was nothin in em but dirt. Bur Recently since I unlocked mineral sense have cut back on mining a tad to catch up with hunting skills as i am gettin close to moving up into main soc. HI BLOODS!! Just picked up a new toy which has helped tremendously with what I am able to hunt now..just need to loot that UL shear600 pro amp and then watch out all. Anyway Hi to all the East coast players.
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