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When is taming coming back??

  1. JanWalker
    I am very impatient... does anyone know when taming is coming back?
  2. Brooke
    everything i have seen says before the end of 2010, i am new and from what everyone has told me, MA is VERY tight-lipped with the content and timing of changes, which i understand considering hardcore players could benefit from knowing things before something comes out. like buying every fruit/sweetstuff/food/whips just before the patch is released. i am inpatient also, but keep whipping, walking for fruit and mining for sweetstuff so you are completely ready. just a note: i started after taming was removed because the tutorials said it WAS in the game. i am making the best of being lied to and i have been training. i've reached lvl 11.1 taming and lvl 10.9 handler without ever actually trying taming :P
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