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Sarcastic Supporters of EU

  1. Traf Rellik
    Traf Rellik
    Here are some of the support cases I've recently filed, as an FYI:

    1) Bring the adventure and fantasy back to EU! Give us a reason to put our make-up kits down and pick up our weapons again! We need an ACTIVE story line, more missions, and more FUN.

    2) Honor Gary Gygax with a Statue, a city, a weapon series, or *something*. Without his contributions to the RPG and adventure community, EU would never have existed.

    3) Give us more to use ME on! Chips to detect far away mobs (general direction only), temporary skill amps (which could help make melee weapons more competitive to the ranged weapons), and so many other possibilities exist!

    4) Where's the boots?!? Ever stop to think that if you actually gave us the foot guards you promised everyone that your profits would go up? Many people are limiting their hunts because they don't have them, downscaling both the size of the mob and the amount of time hunting. With the foot guards, you would stand to see a lot more hunting.
  2. RonDennis
    Only in EU can they invent a spaceship but not the wheel. I want a car, or a bicycle, or even one of those trolleys that old people tow around to carry extra loot.
  3. bizarrick
    Do I fit here?
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