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Frequency: Unknown

  1. jenny ferr
    jenny ferr
    Was about to update latest vu drop of "Omegaton Power Claw Stabber (L)" from Eviscerator, and got the popup asking for verification.

    since i only hunted them for my "genesis mission kill 25 Eviscerator" I cant update the drop frequency, but what do you mean with:
    Please use the Edit button and give a source or link to a screenshot when updating rare or unknown loots

    I gave a link to the globle screen shot(showing the claw in the loot window) here on EF on the comments, but in future updates what would be good to write?
    Also confirmed the decay after a couple of fruit tests
  2. IceCold3000
    It means what it says

    The thing is, some time ago I noticed quite a few 'Last VU' updates for items that really don't drop that often, like UL Angel parts. So I wrote a suggestion that updating certain items should require a comment to lessen the amount of these dubious updates, and Witte added this requirement.

    From the point of view of someone who reviews the 'Latest updates' page quite often, a good comment is the source of your knowledge about this particular update. For items (unstackables) I'd personally prefer a screenshot, although if a trusted member says a "socmate looted it" or "I looted it", I won't undo it. I've never undone a 'Last VU' update for (L) items though, they're far more likely to drop than UL ones even if marked Rare, IMO.

    Writing your name or the current date is not very useful because the updater and time of update are saved anyway.

    Btw, writing here may not be the best idea. I don't know how often the other members check here but I came here by accident lol. Better to write in the Entropedia forum or some discussion on Entropedia, where it gets more attention (IMO).
  3. jenny ferr
    jenny ferr
    ok thanks for that, doubt I get the chance to loot something really useful tho lol
    But if I ever do I will make sure the screenshot have date/time as well

    and I thought of posting here or in there, but thought I could see how much you others checked here too
    and you gave me that answer too
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