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  1. gickstery
    sweet, how about we have a party at the broken down one? it's kinda hard to get around it tho...
  2. James_pwnd_j00
    who wants to get humped? :P
  3. levithanikos
    MA destroyed my wonderful dance floor with their change on the board Size ... That was a 3 hours of work there , that stayed for 2 years in my app..

    Now let's create something new ..... Soon uploading pics !
  4. Lillibit
    Yeah I think we should have a party at the broken down one. I'm sure we'll find the perfect spot there. It being hard to get around just provides us with a new challenge
  5. levithanikos
    Btw .. Uploaded Pics of my pre-VU 9.3 Dance floor
  6. gekkegerrit
    yay nice floor you got there levi, the last vu screwed up my dance floor as well so i had to rebuild it, but at least with the new veneers it takes less items to fill the same space even if you now lose that chunky feeling
  7. levithanikos
    You are right Gekke
    Everything changes to become better
  8. Lykke
    Let's Party Babeeee!!!
  9. Auktuma
    Hi ppl. Thanks for invitation and plz dont let me have too much whiskey...
  10. gickstery
    It's friday!!!
    Lets par-tay!!!
    Any suggestions where?
  11. gekkegerrit
    pvp-1 comes directly mind gickstery i checked out the wooden pvp camp there last nite, a couple of great locations there to party
  12. gekkegerrit
    fantastic hof lil. It sure was a lot of fun to party that one up in PVP-1 and it was all the more worth it just to see the struggle many went thru to get up to the dance floor
  13. Lillibit
    thanks Gekke!! and Thanks for the celebratory hof party! The little jump test was a great addition
  14. gekkegerrit
    So now wew are the #3 social group lol

    its time for some other party members to shine here

    2 names come to mind, Neverdie and Usurper

    lets get this party started
  15. Carl
    :O Party ill bring the jelly and hats
  16. gickstery
    time & place for todays party?
  17. gekkegerrit
    lol gickster, they wouldn't be insta-party's if they were planned

    btw i'm checking out locations for future insta-party's, open to suggestions.
  18. RavenJade
    Thanks for the invite Gekke... you really are a walking party
  19. gekkegerrit
    thanks ravenjade, your quite the partygirl too

    and a big wooohooo now we have 50 party people to insta-party with
  20. gickstery
    sweet, 50 members? this rox!!! 100 members next? :PPP
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