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Entropia Party People

  1. Tifa
    Hey there! Im new to this group. I got a invation to the group and now Im here. Well nice to see you all here
  2. Eelco
    where the party at!?
  3. gekkegerrit
    hey Tifa and Eelco

    G-rant that party was at the PA arrival ship, I wish i'd snapped a screenie of Emma dancing with her coat off, i was trying to get her to strip down to her dance gear

    I'm away this weekend, my folks are visiting, I've been really busy last week, spent most of the time clearing out empty beer cans
  4. Eelco
    seems like this group is pretty much dead aswell :P
    cmon peepz post!
  5. SoftHart
  6. gekkegerrit
    lol Eelco, you've only been here a week short attention span or excellent trance dancer
  7. Eelco
    more of an party hiphopper :P
  8. gekkegerrit
    Great Party Trish at your new home at sakura city juujuu 1e, the first of many i hope

    hope you enjoy the party pic :P
  9. gekkegerrit
    so version 9.4 comes in the morning/evening/night depending where you party

    Im tempted to do a pre vu party down at the rig, or maybe a massive one

    i'll be party at twins in the meantime
  10. gekkegerrit
    The rig sure is hard place to party, thanks mr G-rant for coming down and keeping me company at that pre 9.4 vu madness
  11. Eelco
    wheres the next party at ? XD
  12. gekkegerrit
    lol eelco, this is an insta-party group, the party's just happen
  13. Eelco
    rofl.. i gotta pay more attention then.
    dun't wunna miss out the partiez!
  14. gekkegerrit
    I wonder if Lemmy from motorhead likes to party
  15. levithanikos
    I think he is .. maybe in other ways but he is ... who dosen't like to Party after all !
  16. gekkegerrit
    It sure will be fun partying with his guardians, i got some sharp moves, i think the entropia party people will overrun his castle and take all his toys
  17. NavadaDucrot
    I think Lemmy will love us partying with him.
  18. RayaSunshine
    hey people
  19. Lillibit
    just checking in on the party group.. feeling an itch to party!!!
  20. vVieria
    boinkboinkboinkboink i start dancing already boinkboinkboinkboink

    hya guys and gals boinkboinkboinkboink all together now hihi
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