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Entropia Party People

  1. gekkegerrit
    For the the complete entropia breakeven experience come party with the some of the nicest people you'll ever meet
  2. EggRollOneDolla
    OOOOhhhh YEAH! I see a par-tay!

    P.S. I got the finger food!
  3. myne ah byrd
    myne ah byrd
    anyone say, party???
  4. vanjadiablo
    I`m a party machine, but u all know this allready
  5. McCormick
    pawwwdaaayyyyyy @_@
  6. Lillibit
    Can't wait for the next part
  7. gekkegerrit
    Anyone got any party pics from that huge insta-party at atlas on 29-april, when we had 50+ party people? I was to busy partying to remember to take any :P but i do remember people asking us all to dance one way so they could take pics

    also if you got a party dance floor in your estate/appt, i'd love to see screenies of it, potential future party venues
  8. gekkegerrit
    A few ideas of where i want to insta party

    50 people - pvp 1 rx camp
    100 people - pvp 2 the oil rig
    200 people - pvp 3/4 everyones got a right to party

    lock and load for a full on party
  9. Urso
    pvp party
  10. gekkegerrit
    The ring at twin was shaking tonight with party people, I took this screenie too early and then got too lost in the partying to take a fresh one when it was heaving

    power to all you party people
  11. Nea
    weee yay partyyy!!!
  12. gekkegerrit
    Yay nice party people, and gl deathifier with your new piece of dna
  13. levithanikos
    I think i'll upload some older Pics from my Apartment's dance floor !
  14. gekkegerrit
    lets see some more party pics from others, I try my best to party 24/7 but sometimes sleep takes me away

    And lets see some of those private Dance Floors you've all got tucked away in your estates/appartments/castles/asteroids stations
  15. gekkegerrit
    party going down now at atlas haven, will post pics later
  16. gickstery
    ok, ok, even though it's a monday... why not? i looooove to par-tay!!!!!!
  17. Mercury
    Entropia Party
  18. gekkegerrit
    damm that was a fun party at atlas tonite pics uploaded
  19. Lillibit
    Okay as promised to Gekke I finally got around to uploading a pic of the party at the RX base. That was an awesome party!
  20. gekkegerrit
    thanks for posting that RX party pic lil, sure looks like an excellent location to party
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