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Oddball sign idea...

  1. mastermesh
    Got a weird idea. How about a sign that gets passed around to various artists in EU (mainly the folks in this here guild), and everyone ads their work to it in an upload. Estate Owners in the guild could transfer it around from place to place like how real world gallery art gets moved from place to place.

    I have no idea if there is any limit to how many items can be uploaded to a sign, but I think it's unlimited more or less as long as it keeps getting repaired. I sent a support ticket asking about it to MA along time ago and they pretty much said ask others in the community, lol. I think the most I've ever put in a sign was only a handful, so maybe there's some limit that I'm not aware of yet?

    It'd have to be a PC sign, and probably one that is square, 2:1 or 1:2... I like the square ones since you can black out the background you don't like if the image is rectangular, or just play around with the cropping in gimp or your software of choice to get the right size.

    The way that signs work is that there's some random algorithm that determines which image appears, and it changes now and then randomly - I think it's like every so many minutes it changes or something. Every ad in the sign has x % chance of showing up, just like in ad terminal if more then one ad is in there.

    One issue I see is that uploaded jpg files, etc. can't be deleted to get the upload safety money (or whatever it is called) back if the stuff is all inside of a sign since every sign with the image on it has to have the ad deleted in order to get your money back... Since this would be a long term project for many people, you'd have to call it just a part of the payment in to the system since it's not likely we'll want to have people deleting there images once it's in this thing. Advantage to leaving the image in the system though is later, if someone wants you to recreate the image for them on another sign, you have the image in the system already... not sure there's much of a poster market in EU though?...

    I suspect artist will want recognition, so avatar names could easily be put in to your image as you upload either as a part of the jpg upload or as text on the ad itself. Fonts on the in game system are pretty limiting though.

    If a sign is used, it should only blow one item slot, which is nice. Since the random picker thingy chooses which image shows up when, it's really about an equal chance for anyone. There are ways to manipulate that somewhat, but even then, it's still really random since I've seen on my own signs, images set to low priority showing up when you don't want them to. I assume all would be set to the same priority level to give equal chances to each ad to show up.

    I'd suggest a sign with low markup and easy accessibility so people won't be tempted to take the sign and sell it or something stupid like that. It would all, of course have to be very trust based on some levels... so lower markup and lower tt is good. Of course, you don't want it too small though or no one will ever see the images in it easily.

    In real life, many artists exchange paintings and things where every artist involved ads a little to the work and passes it on. It's various real world projects like that that got me thinking about this idea.
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