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Arrange meeting to receive funds + interest back.

  1. LeWolf86
    We are now over the payment day, so just PM me a meeting when you'd like to meet up... Im slightly busy this week, but I do hop on from time to time, will be on more when I get my ghost set + A104 back to hunt again .... other then that just ya PM me Ill do my best to accomodate your timezone.

    Give me multiple choices also as if its short notice I might not get it, or might have to work in which case a backup time would be great.
  2. andy5579
    I'm finding it difficult to get on at the moment, my internet is very shoddy, just keep it until I can sort my internet
  3. LeWolf86
    Riding and Andy still need to pick up funds.

    Andy just PM me on EF whenever you can get back in.

    Riding same thing, but might need 2-3 days notice as heads up .
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