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  1. Ariia
    Woohoo! I was wondering when someone was going to create a Texas club.
  2. Ariia
    Aww, come on. We don't bite...hard
  3. Ariia
    Welcome Ebo-Ice! Yay!
  4. ebo-ice
    and then there were three =)

    I am representing AUSTIN Texas. (unofficially of course)
  5. Ariia
    was starting to look like an Ariia fan club of one: me! lol
  6. ebo-ice
    well, its beginning to look like I might be stalking you or following you in some way, although I think you found the other two groups "after" I had already joined
  7. Ariia
    Haha, yeah, you were in two groups before me. So you better watch out, i am stalking you! j/k
  8. ebo-ice
    checking in =) guess we need to hunt down fellow texans and force them to join! :|
  9. Ariia
    *hint hint Traf*
  10. ebo-ice
    copied (in PM) to about 20 texans(ones active for the last month) in EF this:
    subject - texans group
    body -

    show some texas pride! =)
    Lets see if we can get some more Texans in here
  11. Silver Ice
    Silver Ice
    Why hello there neighbors! I just moved to Texas about a week or so ago, and figured I'd drop in to say hi!
  12. MadMarlin
    Hi All! Great to see other Texan's. I'll have to make the effort to drop in more often. Thanks for letting me know about this group.
  13. Kaitlyn
    Whoohooo...Howdy guys!
  14. Forjat
    Is there another place other than Texas?
  15. sabatt
    whats happening people
  16. Lucky Seven
    Lucky Seven
    Howdy kids - it will be interesting to see how many of us there are in game.
  17. ebo-ice
    wow! did not expect so many people to accept the invite =)

    hello! from the capital of Texas !!!!

    in my search for people who have "texas" listed as "location", I came up with 62. They were not all active though... so only sent out 20 pm's to those active up to a month ago
  18. Forjat
    512 ATX here as well, where we all from?
  19. Forjat
    "originally Houston/Spring here"
  20. Ariia
    Wow, I am not online for a whole day and look what happens. Awesome job Ebo! Welcome everybody!!! It's about time we got a few more Texans in here, it was starting to look like and Ebo and Ariia club. lol Oh, and I am from Dallas (hence the pic) Don't be afraid to talk.
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