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  1. Artrat
    Well, the two things I seem to spend the most amount of time on (outside of work of course ) are kung fu and Entropia, so this group is an attempt to bring them together.

    It is my hope that martial art practioners here on EF will use this group to share their knowledge and experience with other members.

    So I hope you will:
    - discuss your style(s), we can all learn from each-others techniques
    - share training tips and methods
    - boast about your achievements
    - post inspiring pictures showing the limits of what the human body can achieve
    - etc, etc

    I hope you will not:
    - allow it to degenerate into a "my kung fu is better than your karate" and "my Sensei will kick your Sifu's ass" mudslinging match. It's seems most martial arts forums seem to go this way, which is why i don't post on them; so let's all show eachother a bit of respect.
  2. Artrat
    So to get the ball rolling

    I came to the martial arts fairly late at the ripe old age of 26 ( much to my decrepit body's disgust) and have been training Kung Fu for about 2 years now.

    The Styles within my school are currently
    - Wing Chun
    - Shaolin Traditional
    - Contemporary Wushu
    - Chi Gung

    And the forms I have learnt so far are

    - Wing Chun Barehand 1
    - Shortstaff 1 and 2
    - Longstaff
    - 5-stance (wushu)
    - Quan Shu (wushu)

    In addition to the forms we also practice application of the various forms as well as full contact sparring.

    I will hopefully post some pics as sson as I can get into full splits (which may take a while)
  3. Stinky
    Hi, i used to do Shotokan Karate many, many years ago.....

    Recently my kids, 12, 9 and 7 wanted to try, so they took up freestyle Taekwondo.
    With a good mixture of Judo, Karate and Kickboxing thrown in.

    Somehow i got talked into it, and now cannot back down OUCH! it hurts so much, but i love it.

  4. somon90
    Greetings martial friends
  5. PW3CKA
    Hello all
  6. Jakkin
    *pow pow* *swung*

    ... Hey guys :P
  7. Artrat
    Yay! 7 members! Hello all . Just started doing a new Wushu form called Nan-Chuan, which so far seems very cool, as it incorporates some of the animal styles into it. The down side is that it has a flick-up, which I'm really struggling to master
  8. Ido
    Hi everyone,

    I have been training Competition Wu-Shu on and off for 7 years now (the last 2 years not so much as i moved out of the country to persuit my master degree in denmark and didnt find any good school with the right type of people)

    I say 7 years because i believe once you start you will never stop... the movement the reactions, the flow is there and i dont think u can ever forget

    I guess Me and Artrat are training more or less the same stuff

    @Artrat, if ur worried about the "flick-up" (the move that lets u throw urself into a standing position when lying down) i would be more worried about the kick that actually makes you end up lying down thats a real pain when ur body is all grown up and suddenly the ground starts to hurt more when u fall on it

    I practiced Nan Chuan for a while too but i put more focus on the norther forms,

    My personal favourite are the Spear (Qiang Shu) and Rope Dart (Sheng Biao)

    maybe i can find some youtube links for you guys to see what they are


    Rope Dart
  9. dbelinfante
    Hi all,

    I'm a veteran Muay Thai practitioner, and I also used to do Aikido (good combo, trust me).
    I still fight in the ring occasionally, even though I'm getting too old for real competition. But it's a great way to stay in shape and, well, martial.

    MT is pretty much a pragmatic MA, there's no esoterical stuff like there is in (for example) karate or Aikido (I started out in Kyokushinkai Karate when I was 14 )). MT is just loads of technical training, physical workouts, and sparring. It's about fighting and nothing else. I love it for that.

    MT is full-contact, the only thing we very rarely do in Europe is elbows to the head, which is good 'cause I work in IT and my customers would not appreciate a raw and scarred face! But otherwise, anything goes, knees, elbows to the body, and of course punches and kicks all over.

    Atm I train 4x a week, as there's another tournament coming up. I need to drop to 72 kgs for it, which should be doable. My last opponent was a lot taller than I am, which is a real drag to fight, but my next one is just slightly taller (I'm pretty stocky for my height, which is a disadvantage in MT). I also do light fitness for extra muscle conditioning.

    Anyway. Let's hear it from the rest.
  10. Artrat
    Welcome Ido and dbel

    @Ido: Woot! Another Chinese Martial Artist . Hehe, I know the kick your talking about, it hurts like a bitch . I focus a my training a lot more on the traditional forms, Hung Gar and Wing Chun mainly, but I have found Wushu to be excellent training for strength and flexibility. The stances and movements seem to be more exaggerated in the Wushu forms, which makes for a really tough workout

    @dbel: I've never practiced Muay Thai myself, although there seems to be a very strong MT presence in South Africa. There are quite a few members of my school who train MT as well, and I think once I have a bit more fight experience I will need to do some MT training too. At the national competitions, we fall into the same sparring category as MT, so it will be usefull if only to see what I'm up against .
  11. Alaxan
    Hi all!

    Just found this group and thought I'd stop in and say Hi. My background is in Tae Kwon Do first. I started when I was 8yrs old, by the time I was 14 I was a 3rd degree black belt. Moved on from there to Aikido and Kempo from 14-20yrs old. After which I discovered Kuk Sul Won and studied between 20-25yrs old.

    Between work and starting my own business i've not had much time to be involved in a dojo near me, but hope to get back into another form soon. Maybe the group can be an insipiration for just that
  12. Dinivan
    YEY im in a group! Hello everyone!
    Anyone into tricking?
  13. Stinky
    WOW! i missed a bit since i last checked in, nice to see all these names on the list....

    Well, my lot just passed our yellow belts, (white, red stripe, red, yellow... etc...) so still have a looong way to go to black, but we are loving it more and more and i am loosing weight.

    I have been 'volunteered' for a self defence demo pair, i am to be the 'rapist' so i know i am onto a looser there...

    Also we have an upcoming friendly sparring comp against 3 other local clubs.... help!

    As for the tricking question, i love watching it on youtube, and can do a few basic rolls now..... advice welcomed
  14. Dinivan
    Hehe, well i cant really give much advice, im pretty much a noob myself. did alot of taekwon do and hapkido before though. Only advice i have is probably: dont try anything on concrete, have fun and find a friend to do it with :P but i guess you already knew that lol
  15. Stinky
    Well, we all just got back after taking our exams for Orange belt, we all passed so life is good

  16. Artrat
    Gratz Stinky

    I'm coming up for another grading soon too
  17. Stinky
    Green belt blue stripe now... full blue belt grading in 2 weeks

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