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Settler armor while hunting

  1. Derid
    Well, quite simple thread.

    Is the Settler useful whilst hunting? Sweating? With Plating?

    Share your wisdom!
  2. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    Hmm, I shall share my knowledge with you Derid .

    Settler for sweating? Well before when people were offering TT+5 wearing unplated settler was really good to do. The decay for each piece "max" was 1ped or under so you could still make a health 4ped profit per piece. That is why I was hiring 7 people to tier settler for me . Towards the end I sort of lost count how much peds I made, but I'm guessing since almost 7 sets were successfully tiered at 4ped profit per piece that came too almost 200ped. Investment 160.80ped for 8 sets, I more than doubled my investment for the few months I was doing it . Now wearing settler armour while sweat is kind of still ok, since the decay is so low but it won't be as profitable & you will still die easily.

    Settler for hunting & plates? Yeah, definately with plates it is really eco & I'm starting to dig wearing settler once more . Like I said in your thread Derid I'm using 4C plates on mine, gives me the best damage per pec results for daikibas so I'm using that. With enough HP settler with plates is a great combo to have, I have always known settler to be very good when plated for hunts & I still do. The decay is really peanuts, I'm getting results of like less than 50pec decay after long runs, it is mainly my regen chips take the most decay, if only I had more hp :P.

    Settler enhancements? Now it is a question of whether or not it is worth tiering to higher levels than tier 1. I will share my knowledge on that once I actually get there , but I'm sure I will do it as I want settler to give more protection . But there are draw backs to this ofc that I can see happening, 1: being more stats but same durability will increase decay as well as the enhancers themselves. 2: being the increased decay would also mean the armour won't last as long because settler's low tt value & sooner repairs. So these are what I will take into consideration for the future, as I have bid on some armour defense enhancers.
  3. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    Had to get new arm guards cause somehow the tiers were awful & was taking ages to tier up, so I've taken a fresh one so will take a while b4 I'll get my tier 2 settler set .
  4. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    Got 6 of my 7 pieces to tier two now, finally & got all 6 hofs for tiering them . However I couldn't do the gloves, so I tt'd the set now. Not like anyone would of bought it above TT even if tiered, I just did it for the challenge, the fame, the privaledge & finally the skills . But it was awesome watching it tier up slowly along the way. I think tier 3 is possible with the right tier numbers and determination. But no need for more tiers after that point.
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