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  1. MoFo
    Hey guys, just thought I would join the group so lets get this party started shell we
  2. DanielleYourMom
    Wow .. this group of partiers .. where did we all go ??
  3. gekkegerrit
    we are all still here mom just waiting for MA to make a stavle platform atm.

    Gratz on winning the prize btw
  4. DanielleYourMom
    Good to know you're all still here - I was wondering and then didn't respond again for over a month!
    I got a lot of shit from some 'EF'ers' for asking friends to vote for me in that contest .. but, meh - I'll take the modified membership and tell them to kiss my modified ass !
    Was good to see you in-game the other day, Gekke - sorry I had to run so fast - RL and all !
    I miss Twin parties ..
  5. Blowco
    Wonder when Next party takes place....

    lovely new locations so....

    Cant wait till i can to do some workouts again

  6. gickstery
    Theres like no good places to party anymore... i have been boycotting EU, sorry, "CP" , for the past few months, as it is just not the same anymore.... i kinda like how they've moved the twin ring, but theres pretty much nobody there anymore plus, cnd is crap cause u cant rly hunt and it costs to much to get up there. MA ruined it for the partiers. The game is no longer the PE that i once loved. And i believe it will never be that way again.
  7. Simon God
    Simon God
    Party at Cape Corinth pier Monday the 9th of November @ 10 PM MA time!!!
  8. Blowco
    Sorry Simon... missed the party
  9. MistahE
  10. gekkegerrit
    A Party 2010 to you all
  11. RexExtreme
    Hi Gekke, Happy 2010, I miss the old party days very much..I hope we can get it back..
  12. Namokiller
    Happy New year to all Clubbers
  13. LeeLoo Faith
    LeeLoo Faith
    Happy New Year everyone!
  14. hankhunter
    Any partying going on ?
  15. nitrorius
    hayy "the new guy " is here

    Mad Dane here
  16. olivia888
    Hi Everyone! You can expect regular kick-ass parties at OLA 26 - usually one every Friday, then even bigger bashes once a month!
    I'll post here before each one, and looking forward to seeing all you party people there!
  17. olivia888
    Okay Party People! There is a party going on right now (9:20 PM EST) at the cabin on OLA 26! It's 2 big TP chip jumps north of Omegaton West Habitat! Bring all your friends!
  18. Ty Williams
    Ty Williams
    Hey New Guy in the Group, HEy Every1.... I Like Patries..
  19. gekkegerrit
    Welcome Ty
  20. Kaotic85
    I still dont believe that it has taken this long to find this group! 'where have I been' ay!

    In the fine words of Jim Carey as The Mask...
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