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East Coast USA

  1. MindStar9
    Hello Everyone ... I noticed too that the posts are back in order again, but that we have to scroll down to the bottom in order to insert a message. I think that's because of the new format and the "Quick Reply" feature now. Not a big issue as far as I'm concerned ... at least we don't have to go all the way to the end, or last page still.

    Hope all are doing well ... I'll be back soon to check in again. I have the Letomie event to cover today, so make sure after the event (if you're not part of it) to check out the newest mob on Treasure Island.
  2. Draggger
    virginia here w00t hey Mindstar
  3. MindStar9
    Hi there Dra(however many g's)er ... how are you? It looks as though the posting area is once again screwed up. I guess I'll send another PM off to 711 and see if he can fix it. Sorry for my absence, but things have been rather busy. It's nice to see such a great group of people here.
  4. Exodus Ex
    Exodus Ex
    Hey everyone, just wanted to join up with all my fellow east coast killers out there. Im from western PA right above pittsburgh if anyones close

    look forward to playing and chatting with all of you
  5. jeff53
    East Coast USA........hmmmm NW Ohio here
  6. danny5319
    North West Ohio here, go Bucks
  7. MindStar9
    Hey Everyone ... checkin' back in here to see how all of you are doing. I've been pretty busy lately with all kinds of stuff, but wanted to see how this group was doing. Not too much activity goin' on, but then it would be nice if we got alerts when someone posted so that we knew to come here.

    I would like to ... hold a special party for the East Coast Group somewhere on Calypso (we can all determine this) ... and also let this group design a unique radio music playlist that I can toss out there on my new radio station (MSR).

    Let me know ... and we can create a special party for East Coast USA.
  8. loquita2
    bronx new york
  9. loquita2
    hellooooooooooooo THE BRONX lolool
  10. Bravik
    Hi y'all I was born and raised in West Virginia. Think were moving to Raleigh,NC when my wife graduates not much around here as far as accounting jobs go and her student loans are going to catch up with us I'm afraid. I never lived in a big city before might be some culture shock for me. :-P
  11. Mel_07
    Northern Maine here
  12. Cinni
    Hey Bravik. We lived in NC...small countryside, yet near "town." Now living in metro to big city (DET) Definitely a culture shock! Although i was born and raised in the city and now i am back, only in a bigger one!
  13. JoshZuke
    Hello I am near Philadelphia in Pennsylvania
  14. calli
    Queens NY here This group seems to be quiet Wake up!!!!!
  15. SoftHart
    shhh nap time
  16. dreadi_dosh
    Maryland over here. Crab Cakes and Foot Ball!!!!!

    And the Washington Capitals of course!
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