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  1. sunjewel
    added a portfolio album . . . will add some of the EU artwork to a different album soon!!
  2. mastermesh
    Do any of you do NanoWrimo, just curious. I tried one a few years back, but never got enough time to get too far in it... - basically it's a novel writing challenge that takes place every November... November is a long ways away from now, but now is time to maybe think of some ideas?... just a thought.
  3. Arthurs
    hi all artists. nice to see you all. I am an artis in real life... and you can chek allways my work choose english language only @
  4. Ranzbell
    Hello guys.Mostly in a real life im making a website design and love poetry.Nice that artworks can be found even in the Entropia universe.Good luck for all of you and i guess we can made this virtual world more colorfull Cya
    Hey ,
    I started this game as a way to show my art , but became bogged down in the eternal hunt of the no loots .

    Time to make a change of all this , ; )

    Soc Leader
    Ice Cold
  6. mastermesh
    anyone still here?
  7. loghin
    I am an artist in a real life, just joined in.Looks like quiet place right now
  8. Johaoninho90
    hi everybody
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