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Rest of Soc

  1. Skullseige
    Lets try to get the rest of the Soc in here for better communication outside of the game. Even the new recruits are welcome in, I just need to know there EF names.
    I have decided to go hardcore hunting again so I might start doing a lot of hunting parties for the Soc to enjoy.
  2. Skullseige
    Looking for:

    Fritz Meier
    Lex Tim
    Lugo Gogo
    William Hill
    Celtic Druid
    Christian Steinstork
    Esperanto Venegas
    Fritz Stuart
    Jason Edwards
    Morgan Gekko
    Freak One
    Arkon Damor
    Edge O'Reality
    Odin Valkyrie
    Tom Wesel
    AnA TUGA
    Jiri Kroustek
    Night Hawk
    Lets Rock
    Withers Slowly
    Jahwar Divine

    I wil try to look for everyone just be there names first but if you know they don't have an account then that information would be nice to know.
    Also, If a member leave he will be removed from group. TGP only!
  3. Skullseige
    still looking for more of the soc to join. If any of your know anyone's name in EF let me know. TY
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