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  1. Skullseige
    Planning on getting alot of people together and go hunting at CP for the big Aurlis in dome 4. I would like to know how much people would be interested in doing this. I think it is a good idea and i am sure we can get some good loots. After we get a list of people that are interested we can pick out a date to start the slaughter. So come on people, let me know if you want to try for the gold!!

    check list:

    Paavo ~~~ maybe
  2. Mary Jane
    Mary Jane
    hey skull im in
  3. Pipes
    Sounds like fun Skull, count me in. I hope all of you in the Soc will join us for a fun time.

    I just took my first trip to CP and went hunting with Skull. You can check out the pics of our Globals/Hoff Here --->
  4. Skullseige
    Awsome link pipes, i love #9. You can see my laser, PEW PEW!!

    OK, need more so we can trash that place, ill try to get more people to look in here.
  5. Tim
    I am in too.
  6. Lycan

    But i cant go atm, low in cash and only crafting low stuff atm.
    GL all

    Anselmo Batista
  7. HinDragoz
    sry mate, would love to go but I'm low of peds :/
  8. MONEY
    count me in please
  9. chunbiao
    hey nate,i will join and big thanks for the invite.

    i will prepair such for the hunt

    vigi set
    ghost set wihout feet
    crem set
    6A set
    6B set

    2600 FAP

    LR32(L) with Sheer X 90(L)

    but as u know i am living in china,far east of the earth

    i will i am online when the event begin
  10. Skullseige
    Getting there people, I think we have enough after Trav lets me know if he wants to go or not. After that we shall plan a date and Time to commence the slaughter >.
    This should be pretty cool and fun, hurry up Trav, were waiting on you!
  11. travolta
    Ok Guys i'll be in just waiting for Skull to set the day
  12. Skullseige
    ok we got 7 People so we should be able to wreck the place. Ill try to tank but OFC I can't keep them on me all the time.

    Time: I'll be busy for the next 2 weeks so after that lets plan on doing this interesting and fun soc hunt. Lets plan on a weekend since it is a lot more flexible for our times. I can play at anytime on the weekend so how about you guys say what time you can play. Lets plan on June, Saturday 13th. Need everyone to reply on when they can play then we will decide when we should go. If we can't get everyone to go then I will change it to a different weekend.
    Lets go people, Woot Woot!
  13. Skullseige
    Come on guys i need times!!
  14. Pipes
    anytime after 12:00PM Eastern time is good for me.
  15. MONEY
    Usually after 10pm central time is when i get on.
  16. Skullseige
    Thinking next Sunday but i need more times people. Better yet we could try this every weekend, better yet, lets have a soc hunt every sunday!!! Sounds like a great idea, that way we don't have to waste our PEDs on pilots, we can do Falx or Hog or Araneatrox. A lot of big mobs out there.

    I think we shall start this Awesome soc event next Sunday the 13th of June.
    As for a mob... lets try Chompers??
    As for the time I am thinking we should go with 16:00.
    How does that sounds for everyone?
  17. timppp
    my b'day @ 12th of june ;D
  18. Skullseige
    Tomorrow we are killin some chompers!! be online @ or after 16:00 to join the party.
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