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Help learning the tricks of trading, please.

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    I've been a member of U.B.E.R for quite a while, joining after it started up. Unfortunately, most of these sweet deals posted I either missed or were to expensive for me.

    Long story short, I find myself in this new calypso with 100 ped and an ambition to make it grow. Although the basics of trading are well known, (buy low sell high) I want to learn to trade in an efficient and profitable manner. I have long sinced admired traders such as Sarah Witchblade who expanded her operations from ores to appartments and housing too.

    I attempted consignment, but It is very difficult with little rep.

    Could anyone help me get into the trading/consignment thing? Not pedwise I mean, just teach me how to?

    (I decided to put that 100 peds in a really cheap esi for now. Expecting the price to go up at 10.2)
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