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Witte: BL1000 decay

  1. Xen
    Witte, I see you tested and confirmed the BL1000 decay.

    I tested and I get 3.245, not 3.249. I tested twice. Can you (or someone) test again?
  2. Witte
    Hmm that is odd, can't really think of what I could done wrong. But if you are certain about it you can change it, I don't have the gun ATM.

    PS, I saw you made some decay test confirmations, I assume you used the fruit method for it. It is best to state the used method in the comments field, so that anyone can see how decay was tested in the history. For more info see the guidelines.
  3. Xen
    I don't think I can change it since you have it confirmed...?

    All decay figures I confirmed are what I personally tested with the fruit/dung method.
  4. Xen
    Nevermind, I saw now that the decay was unconfirmed, so I changed it.
  5. Witte
    Yes I did not confirm that one yet (although it was me who did the fruit test). It does kind of bug me what went wrong. I usually double check the value, maybe I forgot it this time. I will add it to the guidelines to double check though.

    Trusted members can always change, confirm or unconfirm values. This may also be useful because MA likes changing things occasionally. As for the comments, I added "fruit test" to the ones you already did.
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