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MOB Damage

  1. kebplay
    I did some naked Eviscerator damage tests and find it very difficult to confirm 100% the damage, here's the results:

    Gen.01, min 26.2, max 49.7
    Gen.02, min 32.6, max 63.7
    Gen.03, min 41.2, max 76.7
    Gen.04, min 48.8, max 92.4
    Gen.05, min 54.6, max 108.6
    Gen.06, min 64.1, max 118.2

    The most accurate would be the Gen.03 results which both max and min imply the damage is 64, but it could also be 65. I loaded the estimate values into entropedia (as most Eviscerator had no values or were way off) but left them unconfirmed. It would be very time consuming to get real accurate figures.
    Any ideas on a better way to do this???

    Here is all the damage recorded:
    Gen.01,26.2,29.1,36.6,49.7,31.7,35.1,42.8,41.8,26. 6,31.3,36.8,47.2,39.7,41.9,31.9,29.7,28.4,31.7,44. 5,36.6,43.6,45.7,44.4,46.7,44.5,41.6,48.4
    Gen.02,55.5,58,63.7,49.6,51.3,61.4,42.2,41.3,55.9, 57.7,41.1,40.9,35.3,53.4,37.3,42.6,37.4,32.6,42.9, 37.1,33.9,43.2,36.1,43.9,63.2,58,51.5
    Gen.03,71.8,76.7,59.7,60.3,74.6,53.4,48.4,63,57.4, 73.9,42.4,55,75.8,44.5,41.4,67.6,71.9,74.1,74.9,41 .2,52.2,71,43.3,55.1,64.6,42.4
    Gen.04,62.5,62.6,91,48.8,78,67.3,89.1,62.1,77.5,92 .4,71.9,82.5,54.8,59.2,63.6,86,56.7,89.7,77.6,57.8 ,81.5,57.7,91.6,81.7,55.5,62.7,75.9,79.4,56.6
    Gen.05,71.5,84.5,54.6,88.2,55.7,68.1,92.1,94.8,93. 9,69.7,108.6,93.9,84,81.4,57,58.6,70.3,82.3,61.6,6 4.8,58.1,88.7,56.5,87.2,89.2
    Gen.06,80.2,83.6,102.2,104.5,64.1,99.6,92.2,118.2, 86.4,74.7

  2. Witte
    There is indeed an alternative method. This method assumes the mob does several damage types, and each damage type is an integer.

    For example, from your results the the gen 1 does between 50 and 52 damage. Now suppose you are able to figure out the mob does 40% impact and 60% cut. Damage type can be found by armor decay tests. Lets test with the possible damage values:




    Now you can for certain tell the maximal damage is 50, as this is the only situation where all damage types are an integer.

    Only problem is that it can be hard to figure out damage types. Advantage of this method is that you know the damage types, which is also useful information.
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