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    4+ years Later. . . Good Job!

    4+ years Later. . . Good Job!
  2. Guess it was a bug!

    I just created a support ticket, next time I logged in an hour later it was all back where it was again!
    Anyhow, I remember when SWEAT was 12 ped per 1000, Seen alot of updates. . . I think so far...
  3. MISSING MAP (Radar) & AMMO Count Screen at bottom!!! YIKES!!!

    Sorry to bother you guys but Im having trouble!
    I was having trouble with the new upgrade so I just decided to reset the whole interface- OK, everythings OK except for the little Map (RADAR)...
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    Suggestion: Free is best!

    I think you want to get more players in the game! Charging & taxing everything just isn't going to do that.
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    Poll: I think your miner is too high for the skills you...

    I think your miner is too high for the skills you have! You have to work up to it like all the rest. You'd do better in mining by going to lower miner.

    Hope this helps someone!:eyecrazy:
  6. Your deposit attempt was declined by OUR Payment provider.

    I've had some problems putting in cash once in a while in the Years I've been playing. (I remember when sweat was 10 ped+ per K)

    Anyhow, I've been playing, cards verified, but I get this error...
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