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    START SMART - Making the most of your PED


    I'd like to start this thread and ask people for their best tips for starting Planet Calypso with a monthly budget of US$15. I know there's a lot of info spread around the forum but I'd like to get it in one place. I appreciate your constructive opinions on this.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Dec 2005
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    Try to make some friends, join a nice society because:

    Activities that you do with others are quite enjoyable and do not have to cost a mountain.

    Hunt big mobs with a tt-fist in a team on big trax, armax, or join one of zap's opalo hunts on neconu and the insects (name doesnt spring to mind)

    for example:
    15 USD=150 peds = 8 tt-fists.

    If you hunt in a team with 3 or 4 ppl, a tt-fist lasts like 2-3 hours

    8fists*3hours = 24 hours of entertainment, if you get NO LOOT AT ALL.

    lets assume you get 70% return in loot per hunt.

    150 peds = 24 hours of entertainment
    105 peds = 18 hours of entertainment
    73,5 peds = 12 hours of entertainment
    51 peds = 9 hours of entertainment
    35 peds = 6 hours of entertainment
    24 peds = 3 hours of entertainment

    total of 72 hours if you hunt with a tt-fist in a team of 4

    I play like 16 hours a week

    so playing like this lasts 4,5 weeks.. which is a month.

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    Dec 2005
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    jan SKULL van de ven
    The Great Pretenders
    my advice


    look for a mentor(me ?) and tell him that you plan to depo a bit each month
    i can give disciples something extra to help them thru the rough start but they gotta put some money themselves also.Gave many times starter kits away to non depositors but they stopped playing then.
    i dont mind investing some peds in a new avatar since i got a chance at nice item.
    if i have the disciple item already i let the graduate have it

    2.start with mining since with mining you can get ok markup stuff like common ores that sell for 130%
    that will help you because with a new avatar you will be losing on the tt returned part
    with hunting most stuff that will be returned is <105% value

    3.if you insist on hunting first as main prof go hunt small molisk they drop teeth that sell for around 700%

    4.stay away from crafting since that will burn peds fast if you dont have the skill.
    most items require stuff bought at markup and nobody buys it so it ends up in the tt

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    Dec 2006
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    My advice on a budget of 145 ped a month roughly after the fees for deposit are taken out.

    I would work the first week sweating. Up at Swamp Camp kinda North East of Port Atlantas. You can get some valuable skills built up like Evade and such. And can sell the sweat you have gotten.

    After your week of sweating. I would probably buy the Vivo healing pack and either the TT pistol or rifle and 10 peds of ammo to start with. I would not purchase the TT armor though. And still stay at swamp camp sweating. I would sweat the mob till it went dry. Then kill it. I would start with the youngs only at first since they are easir to kill. And as my skills built up try the bigger ones. And also watch the trade channel for cheap pixie or goblin armor. Do not worry if you get a mix of armor. you are just starting. Oh do not forget to quick key your healing pack and weapon so you can use them quicker.

    Also on items you loot watch the markup and see what you can sell for a profit.

    Since you can spend your money quickly. I would limit my self to around 25 peds a week spending and save the rest. So as to be able to buy some better stuff as you skill up like L weapons you can get your skills quicker that way. And still sweat I would honestly stay around swamp camp for around 2 months before exploring to far. Their are usually players around that can help on tp runs to find new areas. Also you may want to get a mentor to help you out also.

    Bought all i can think of to say to someone starting out as a new citizen of Calypso.

    Gl in your new life on Calypso Feri.

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    Aug 2006
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    Dave Ace Flyster
    You have alices starting guide which is really cool for beginners to read. Comprehensive and explains everything about the EU economy and activities helping noobies get a start with their $15 a month



    EDIT with link to guide

    Alice Guide

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    Jan 2009
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    southern indiana
    Jordan arkon Fultz
    Agents of Entropy
    well a good start is to start out with a vivo t1 from the tt... with this and the opalo you can hunt some of the small mobs like the snables and diakibas. also you could invest in some pixie armor.

    as you skill you will want to hunt larger mobs, this may require larger weapons follow alices sib gun chart and you'll do fine, you will also more then likely need the pixie by this point and a vivo t1/vivo t5.

    with only 15 usd depod per month you may have a problem doin much else in the hunting field, that is unless you get lucky, kinda like the lottery, but its the most fun of all the careers in EU...

    you could also invest in some tt mining gear,(been a while since i used it so i forgot exact names). buy some probes/bombs do some exploring, hopefully do well enough to survive a month on 15 ped.

    by second month you'll prolly need a different finder of sorts, ore/energy, you can keep on using same ole tt driller as this just takes more time but in general its cheaper...

    also you can craft, generally starting with some filter blue prints which are very cheap to buy and then craft with. work with those for a few months sell what you make and buy other bps. this will work itself out you hope, eventually you may be skilled enough to use ore amp 101 cycleing hundreds of peds per hour, better hope its all profit or you wont be doing this on 15 usd per month lol

    last and prolly your best solution is trading, trading is one of the best/hardest careers on callypso it takes patience and peds but with both you can profit garruteed. study the market see some trends and work with what you know and you could be the next biggest trader out there...

    there are many things out there you can do depends on your abilities, and how much time you wanna put into the game. also depends on what your expectations of the game really are. could just roam, or kill stuff, or maybe youll be sociable, games all in your hands at this point.

    good luck at what you do with your 15 usd, i promise it'll be better then a monthly subscription to WOW...

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    Dutch Entropia Master DrPaddo's Avatar
    Oct 2006
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    Skulls Cartel
    When you arrive at Planet Calypso here's what you should do:

    - Get to know the Controls
    (See the sign on the left for info!)

    - Look for a Mentor
    (There are quite alot of good one's at the Arrival Point, such as Alice)

    - Ask your Mentor to take you to Swamp Camp
    (Let him inform you on the Economy, Society's, EntropiaForum and current Sweat Rates)

    - Sweat for a week, solid
    (As said, this will provide important skills!)

    Sell your Sweat, and get a weapon / FAP & Pixie Armor
    (Opalo & Vivo T1, the Trade (Blue) Terminal Provides these without markup)

    Head back for Swamp Camp & Hunt!
    (Here you can hunt Daikiba's & Kerbero's wich are easy in Pixie!)

    Do not TT items, unless they have 0.0% markup
    (Better earn 1 / 2 PEC's then having earned nothing!)

    With the PEDs you receive from Hunting...
    (Hunt some more, get the 2000 Rifle skill mark, so you're Mentor-less)

    After you finished Decipleship...
    Start working on your entropia Career, build Friendships, do some Mining if you like that, or start your own Trading-business

    Go to RL Meetings!
    There's nothing more fun then to meet the faces from EU in Real Life, (and loot some Hogglo statues), there are meetings all over the world, people even fly across the ocean's to join on them!

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    Jun 2007
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    Marcus XeroX Cicero
    nice thread! Use the Opalo till it`s maxed, then put Omegatron A101 on it. Hunt with that and vivo T1 from tt for a loong time(till 2k rifle skill). Also try to find teammates who do the same.

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    1. Go to the nearest Trade Terminal and buy the best weapon for a newbie which is Sollomate Opalo laser carbine.
    2. Go to the nearest Auction and buy Omegaton A101 amplifier for energy weapons (it may look pricey to you now, but i will explain why it is a very good buy).
    3. Hunt mobs that give average good MARKUP loot (in a team if you are too weak).
    4. Learn to sell your loot for a good price (even the almost "TT food" loot like animal oils for example).
    5. Learn how to manage your money and how to have the necessary willpower to not to spend too much in a short period of time (this is really important, so maybe go and buy a book on it at ).
    6. ALWAYS first research, then spend, buy or sell.

    Why Opalo + A101 ?
    Because it is the best weapon + amplifier combo for a newbie.
    You can research it on weapon economy and power calculator:

    Maxed Opalo+A101 = 2.841 damage dealt to your target per every PEC you spend.

    Maxed Castorian EnKnuckles-A = only 2.649 dmg/pec


    With Opalo+A101 you can kill 1000 Daikiba Youngs * 30 health points = 30000 HP / 2.841 = for 10559.66 PEC

    And with Enknuckles-A it is 30000 / 2.649 = 12150.66 PEC

    That's 1591 PEC or 15.91 PED saved !


    Some other posters suggested to buy the A101 AFTER maxing the Opalo...

    My first quest for you is:

    Go to Entropiatools and enter your CURRENT stats on Opalo and click "add row", then attach A101 to it and add another row and tell me why using A101 right from the start is a much better idea.
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    Oct 2006
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    1st month 145 peds
    - Buy Vivo T1 from TT 9 peds
    - Sweat for 2 hours everyday for the whole month(heal yourself with the vivo when u get killed, if theres a healer around, make use of it). 20 days of play, 2 hours a day = 40 hours of sweating = minimum of 10000 sweat = 40 peds

    2nd month 136(saved from previous month)+40(sweat)+145(new deposit)=321 peds + some medical skills and defensive skills
    -Buy opalo 3,8 ped + amp 101 18(tt)+75 ped and another vivo T1 9 peds
    - Hunt snables and sabakumas between Billys and Camp Phoenix for 2 weeks 2 hours a day - do runs of 50 ped (hunting for 20 hours like this = max loss 150 ped)
    - Get Teleport to Twin Peaks and Fort Argus
    - Hunt snables and exos at argus for a week (10 hours, max loss of 50ped)
    - collect more TPs

    3rd month 15(leftover from previous month)+145 = 160 peds
    - Buy goblin armor (30 ped with full tt)
    - Hunt the rest of the peds at argus, now also doing snarksnots

    (my numbers are the worst case scenario, u should do better)

    Do this for a while until u have around 2000 Rifle, then switch to Pistols, when p4a is maxed, hunt combibos till p5a is maxed, when u max that one, buy shogun armor+3bs and move on to drones, after u max HL6 go for atrox.... and by that time u should understand what u can, and should do...
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