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    Very interesting info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaywalker View Post
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    It's commonly agreed that 323 cans/textures are needed for 100% saturation, even if you are massively overskilled for the given material. (Actually 904 are neded for an absolute guarantee. If you hover that mouse over a stack of 323, then your "chance of success" shows as 99%. but if you use 323 , then failures are about as common as uber HoFs)

    However, due to high variance, you can get very good results with much smaller stacks. I got a high saturation orange with 1 can once! You also get a lot of total fails to even things out.

    When applying textures, the % shows on the finished article. With colours it doesn't. It is common to get 95- 99% with stacks of 200. With colours, this would likely be indistinguishable from 100%. This enables some people (with limited experience) to be overoptimistic!

    I sometimes offer to use smaller stacks to save people PED, but do warn them about the resulting chance of failure. I haven't heard of any reputable colourer being willing to use less than 100!

    Hope this answers your question!

    yep, Jay is right. 323 and you will get 100% nearly always , even with large striped cotton when I use 322 I get 99,8% 99,5% 98% .. but with 323 the result is 100% 100% 100%. like jay said it is hard to spot the difference in colors so ppl say it is 100% and nobody can proove them right or wrong. but with less than 100 cans or even just 34 cans the result will most likely always have low saturation. maybe it depends how you define "failure" - for me a result below 95% will allready be a failure. if ppl use many many fields in one color I recommend using 200 cans and redo if one item gets a low saturation because that can be still cheaper than doing all with 323cans, but with high level colors you dont want to be forced to redo it. (and it does feel like they are failing easier, or at least you spot the difference better if black is not 100% black or burgundy is not 100% burgundy)
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