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    Nov 2016
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    Don't know that is worst. Necro a thread or start a new thread on "same" subject.

    started to do some testing on my own to find out if +Crit has a positive impact on ammo used.
    Only a small sample but already noticing some disturbing trends.
    Running the same instance over and over. (argonaut cave daily)

    Using a +crit ring. The rise of crits is really noticeable but also the hit% drops. Left me using about the same amount of ammo with or without the +crit.

    could be nothing.. as I said. Just a small sample so far. 10 runs ( about 11100 hits without +crit) and the same amount with + crit.

    maybe someone with a bit more economy can do some tests on this =)

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    So expected behavior is that Hit Ability, at max, will result in 90% hit rate.

    Your crit chance should not impact hit ability.

    Please provide exact %'s and method of tracking.

    Also a new thread is more appropriate here...
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    I treat critical shots as having a x2 multiplier of normal shots if no crit dmg buff

    if there is critical damage buff just add it to the multiplier, if 10% then use 2.1


    Normal shot = 1x
    No Buff Crit Dmg = 2x
    10% Crit Dmg Buff = 2.1x
    60% Crit Dmg Buff = 2.6x

    I did the analysis as shown below

    My conclusion is even though you probably don't have enough data but it is already showing
    crit rate and crit dmg matter.

    In the analysis, Average Damage per shot is also higher when crit rate was increased 1% as opposed to No Buff

    If your crit damage is only 10% like it is in your experiment
    0 crit rate buff + crit dmg 10% > crit rate 1% + 0% crit dmg > no buff

    The reason why total damage was so close in Test 1 & 2 (making you think crit rate is useless) was because you did 15 more shots with avg dmg of 75 = 1125 dmg which offsets the 1% crit rate benefit received in Test 2.

    Also your crit dmg buff was 0% when your crit rate was +1% in test 2. You receive very small benefit with crit dmg at +0% while pumping up crit rate and only 1% anyway. Pump both up at the same time the effect will be exponential.

    I think it's futile to compare which is better, crit rate or crit damage
    bcause their effects depend on each other.
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