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    the title has nothing to do with your problem.
    1st language isn't an issue. That title is a sarcastic/retoric question.
    2nd MA has nothing to do with this. THIS IS A PLANET PARTNER issue and that support ticket goes to them.
    3d there are other cases more important to take care a support team than a stuck avatar.
    As you said this is a RCE enviroment. So first in priority are issues that having to do with "money".
    How you think we felt when we stayed 24 hours out of the game and we lost some important auctions and activities (and I mean all the "Gold card" holders). Is this had something to do with MA? No.
    As someone else said, get over it and go on, it is what it is.
    If you don't like the support from that planet you are try to live on to another.

    P.S. Your thread might be appropriate to Arkadia forum more than Caly after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_prophet View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    You my friend, are plain IGNORANT.

    Before making such posts at least take the time to read what I wrote;

    I WROTE:

    I sent this at 2014-05-17 12:09 You wrote:

    Hi! I'm getting the message, that my avatar is still logged in, my friends told me that my avatar is still online and seen hanging around in quarry.

    I just wanted to restart the game so I logged off as usual, but avatar seems still logged in.

    Please fix this so I can log back in.

    Thank you.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________



    Thank you for your report. I have forwarded the issue to members of the responsible team for further investigation and any irregularities found will be adjusted as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to the News and Release Notes sections on the website for further information and developments.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    So if I understand correctly,

    A > The person that took and resolved my support ticket by your opinion knew what I wrote;

    then > He is retarded as there are no irregularities and nothing to adjust just freaking log the damn avatar off,...
    also > You also advise me in such case as I sent to stay tuned to news and release notes section? maybe see there when they announce that they logged my avatar off?

    B > The person looked at a couple of words, saw a couple of ones known to him a bit and based on that copy/pasted the reply which seemed most suitable one for him???

    To me it sure looks like that and I'm almost 100% sure thats how they handle support tickets, check a couple of words, see what would fit and copy/paste that text line and thats no way to handle support in an RCE, where your support case should at least be properly READ when you send it. PERIOD.

    Your rage and lashing out at folks like harmony is more intolerable than what you claim is a problem with MA support. We know MA support is lacking albeit I haven't many issues.. at least I know the ark dev team will press mindark to fix critical issues. But being a dick to others isn't going to get you very far.

    As an it manager of offshore folks they likely routed to tier 2 support for an answer to relay back to you. This is how most help desk tickets are setup. I'd go further into explaining this but I suspect it'll be lost in the frustration.

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    PLEASE give Marco a rest, hes locked in the basement of MAs headquarter and has to answer every support enquiry on his own, for several years now. Send him a food package or some of ur clothes, pretty sure he had to eat his old suit meanwhile, starving.

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    Mate, I can imagine not beeing able to login could be frustrating, but your reaction is slightly out of proportion and aimed at the wrong people. Support can understand english quite well there is no need for you to bad-mouth them or anyone else in the thread that is just trying to help. Plus, a response within 8 hours isnt all that bad, I remember times where we had to wait a week for a reply.

    My guess is that support can't fix your problem, there is only a limited amount of access to the system they have in Mexico and your problem has to be solved by someone in Sweden. Atleast that is the way I would setup my business.

    MA's office just opened, so your problem will probably be fixed soon

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