Dear fellow Entropians,

Another one of my many businesses is a trading center. I understand this is nothing new and many players actively trade, there is not much of a difference in this situation only a hope to organize an efficient trading system. How it works is simple Hunters, Miners, Crafters, Sweaters etc. can sell their materials to me in any quantity for the best MU I can give. You can also trade your materials and items for other materials and items usually at a better price than just selling for money. Buyers can purchase any number of items at varying prices (all below TT) depending on supply/demand. The important part is the location I remain in the lower part of the Quarry on Arkadia (near the TP) I will usually have some sort of ad in chat you can locate me by. The goal here is to create a system of customers and newcomers to sell their materials for quick PED or items at the best possible price to a reliable buyer.

As always feel free to leave questions and comments.

Yours truly, Gotabecoolman.