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    Shampoo Dojigiri Ayakome Edited Maps for Mining/Hunting

    I will be creating and editing maps from Entropia Universe one continent at a time until the entire planet is finished. Then move onto the next planet.

    The maps i create are specifically to show the threat level in each area so that when new players or unfamiliar players decide to hunt or mine they will be aware of the Threat within each area.

    Each area is marked by borderlines and symbols

    Black Borderline: Little to no threat in area.
    Yellow Borderline: Moderate Aggression threat in area
    Red Borderline: Severe Aggression threat in area.

    The map contains a Legend handmade by me, and yes you WILL have to zoom in on the map areas to see the details.

    With all love, ~Shampoo

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    Donīt work!

    Hi Shampoo. Youīve done a geat work i think! But your blog donīt connect/work at once! There is another way to obtain your mamooth work? Thx for attention.

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