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    Nov 2014
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    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

    First, I want to freely admit I am stealing much of Hammer's work for this ( The reason for this is that RL has taken away most of Hammer's time and things have changed on RT requiring updates to the guide, as well as to consolidate other info (Maps, etc). I am also adding links to other's posts that explain various RT specific missions info:

    As such, I give you the below:

    Mob/Location Maps:
    RT Map:
    Harlem Mob Map:
    Secret Island Map:
    Hell Map:
    Hunt the Thing Map: Coming one day
    Note: You can use the 'File' tab to 'Download As' the maps as PDF, JPEG, or PNG in order to keep locally on your computer.

    RT Missions:

    Mission Name: The AI War
    Mission Broker: Sanctioned Weapons Dealer [Rocktropia, 136229, 85005, 238, Waypoint]
    Prepaid Credit Card (2 PED TT)
    Cheap A$$ Ammo (1 PED TT)
    Paystub - 20 RockBucks Credit towards yearly payout (If you complete 260 missions in a year you can claim the RockBucks credited to your account)

    Mission Name: 120 Pound Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]
    ***Note: If thieves mission from 5LB Dumbbells is open you cannot start this mission until thieves is complete.

    Big Cats Cougars, Panthers, Tigers, Cheetah, Leopards
    Mission Name: Catscepades
    Mission Broker: SGT Cortiz South of Panta Ridge TP: [Rocktropia, 136217, 82087, 251, Waypoint]

    City Wolves
    Mission Name: Assisting Mahone
    Mission Broker: Officer Mahone : 135365,87597,166
    Stage I :
    Aim 0.9 PED
    Weapon Handling 0.9 PED
    Melee Combat 0.29 PED
    Stage II: ?
    Stage III:
    Handgun 3.60 PED
    Clubs 2.33 PED
    Electrokinesis 1.17 PED
    Stage IV
    Rifle 7.20 PED
    Inflict Ranged Damage 4.67 PED
    First Aid 2.33 PED
    [B]Stage V[B/]
    Increase Cryogenics OR Electrokinesis OR First Aid skill - 4.67 PED

    D-Block Mafia
    Mission Name: Rocky Horror Mafia Show
    Mission Broker: Escaped Boxer [136051, 84837, 237]

    Mission Name: 30 Pound Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]
    ***Note: If thieves mission from 5LB Dumbbells is open you cannot start this mission until thieves is complete.

    Elvis Dragons
    Mission Name: Hauxleys Hound Dogs
    Mission Broker: Commander Hauxley near Memphis Plains TP : 131966,83386

    Mission Name: The Hatred of Vampire Stephano
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136210, 95014, 139, Waypoint]

    Garcia Dragons
    Mission Name: The Will and Testament of Vampire Nostra
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136215, 95035, 139, Waypoint]]

    Mission Name: Hating on Haters
    Mission Broker: Kristi [135302, 89410, 100] have a ROCKTropia record on you or she will not give the mission
    Stage I : ?
    Stage II: ?
    Stage III:
    Clubs 1.72
    Shortblade 2.63
    Cryogenics 0.86

    Hendrix Dragons
    Mission Name: The Passions of Vampire Clarice
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136218, 95027, 139, Waypoint]

    Mission Name: 200 Pound Bench Press Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]
    ***Note: If thieves mission from 5LB Dumbbells is open you cannot start this mission until thieves is complete.
    Stage I: Alertness ?.?? PED

    Joplin Dragons
    Mission Name: The Commission of Vampire LeRoux
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136217, 95035, 139, Waypoint]

    Kool Kat:
    Mission Name: The Lawn You Keep
    Mission Broker: [135328, 82373, 108]
    Stage I 3200 kill points
    Aim 15.8 PED
    Anatomy 15.8 PED
    BLP Weapon Technology 15.81 PED

    Stage II 6400 kill points
    Combat Reflexes 31.6 PED
    Dexterity 31.59 PED
    Handgun 31.62 PED

    Stage III 12800 kill points
    Heavy melee weapons 63.20 PED
    Laser weapon tech 63.24 PED
    Longblade 63.24 PED

    Stage IV 12800 kill points
    Inflict range damage 82.40 PED
    Athletics 82.37 PED
    Alertness 82.48 PED

    Stage V 25600 kill points - repeatable
    Evade: 82.4 ped
    Bioregenisis: 82.37ped
    Melee combat: 82.48ped

    Lemmy Dragon
    Mission Name: Castle Passage
    Mission Broker: Skull Statues in stone wall at 134236, 86020
    Answer a series of question about Motorhead songs

    Morrison Dragons
    Mission Name: The Curse of Vampire Ciera
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136221, 95034, 139, Waypoint]

    Motorhead Security
    Motorhead Royality

    Mission Name(s): Dominiques Domination (MH Security) and The Revenge of Montose (MH Royalty)
    Mission Broker: Castle Gatekeepers (bound in pillars) [Rocktropia, 133948, 86658, 304, Waypoint] next to Lemmy's castle TP

    NEVERDIE Dragons
    Mission Name: NEVERDIE Dragon Control
    Mission Broker: SGT Hendi 136380, 82661

    Stage I:
    Telepathy (1.21 PED ???)

    Old Wolves
    Mission Broker: Diesel Rose 135257,84765,204
    Mission Name: Diesel in Distress

    Stage I:
    Perception 5.4 PED
    Alertness 3.53 PED
    Telepathy 1.77 PED
    Stage II:
    Rifles 8.90 PED
    Clubs 5.75 PED
    Cryogenics 2.88 PED
    Stage III:
    Stage IV:
    BLP Weapon Tech 35.6 PED
    Inflict Ranged Damage 23.0 PED
    Evade 11.5 PED

    Pesky ROCKtropia Beach Crab
    Mission Name: I Got Crabs/ I Still Got Crabs/ Damn This Crabs
    Mission Broker: Trey Chills
    Stage I: (Kill 100) ??? Light Melee Weapons
    Stage II: (Kill 500) ??? Melee Combat
    Stage III: (Kill 1000) ??? Inflict Melee Damage

    Mission Name: The Tale of Vampire LeCroix
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136221, 95034, 139, Waypoint]

    Stage 1: Light Melee Weapons
    Stage 2: Plasma Weaponry Technology

    POP Dragons
    Mission Name: Call of Duty
    Mission Broker: SGT Willard right next to Ring of fire hunting lodge TP [Rocktropia, 134591, 85835, 374, Waypoint]
    Stage I:
    Stage II:
    Stage III: Combat Reflexes (21 PED ???)

    Mission Name: 100 Pound Bench Press Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]
    ***Note: If thieves mission from 5LB Dumbbells is open you cannot start this mission until thieves is complete.

    Mission Name: The Hunt for Captain Peter
    Mission Broker: CPT Franic North of Daki Ridge TP : 137439,88997

    Snakes (Green, Brown, Purple, Black, Coral)
    Mission Names: (Type) Snake Hunting Contract
    Mission Broker: Suzy McSnaketrader (Inside dragon head pub) [134369, 83503, 144]
    - Green Snake: Combat Reflexes ?.?? PED
    - Brown Snake: First Aid ?.?? PED
    - Purple Snake:
    - Black Snake:
    - Coral Snake:

    NOTE: Each mission is repeatable after a 1 hour wait

    Steampunks Repeatable missions after 1 hour
    Mission Name: Disruptive DJ
    Mission Broker: Disruptive DJ (Inside dragon head pub) [134380, 83504, 144]
    Stage I:
    Dexterity or Longblades or Weap.Handling 12.75 ped or
    Diagnosis 4.11 ped or
    Alertness 8.23 ped

    Mission Name: Punching Bag Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]
    ***Note: If thieves mission from 5LB Dumbbells is open you cannot start this mission until thieves is complete.

    Mission Name: 5 Pound Workout
    Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: [Rocktropia, 135759, 88073, 115, Waypoint]

    Mission Name: The Rise of the Lycans
    Mission Broker: Bartos the Lycan [Rocktropia, 133848, 86823, 304, Waypoint] West of Lemmy Castle TP along the path
    Stage I:
    Stage II: Aim ?.?? PED
    Stage III:
    Stage IV:
    Stage V:

    Vixen Shy
    Mission Name: The Color of Envy
    Mission Broker: Jealous Vixen [Rocktropia, 136134, 84986, 243, Waypoint] Behind Club Neverdie
    Stage I: Aim, Blp Tech or Combat Reflexes 0.8 PED

    Mission Name: The History of Vampire Helena
    Mission Broker: 1 of the 7 gravestones right next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136220, 95027, 139, Waypoint]

    Mission Name: Vampire Wars
    Mission Broker: Vampire next to Evil Cathedral TP [Rocktropia, 136210, 95014, 139, Waypoint]
    Stage I:
    Stage II:
    Stage III:
    Stage IV:
    Stage V:
    Stage VI: *Repeatable
    Aim 7.13 PED
    Weapons Handling 7.13 PED

    Mobile Phone mission to unlock zombie chain and various repeatable missions:

    Hyperplex TP: 135277, 88167, 107
    noobs noobs noobs club SE if hyperplex TP

    Speak to big boy
    Speak to tipsy tony at end of line
    Speak to lying larry inside pawnshop next door to club
    Speak to big boy at club again
    Speak to Gus at petrol station across the road and get gold coin
    Go back to big boy
    Go back to gus and get glam ingot
    Give glam ingot to big boy and get next mission
    Go to try east down the road. Mission locator will show the way
    speak to boris the bum close to try. mission locator will show the way
    Go to dumpster. mission locator will show the way
    Go to boris and give smokes
    Go to big boy and give rocktropia record
    This gives you access to the club

    Speak to Tiffany on dance floor for cocktail
    Give Cynthia (on dance floor) the drink and , she will give you a cellphone

    Zombie mission chain
    Mission Name: The Road to War
    Mission Broker: LT Funk south of city of dreams : 136215,84726
    Go to cave entrance : 136063,84818
    Go to cave exit : 135723,84998
    Go to Main road: 135420,85058
    Follow the road north: 135128,85981
    Continue down the road: 135426,87127
    Get to the center of new harlm studios: 135462,87998
    Get to the docks: 135844,88390
    Cross the waters: Note the way point on the map is not correct instead go to 135756, 89245
    Reach the coast of zomhatten: 136490, 90339
    Follow the coast: 136587,92028
    Keep going: 136773,92709
    Head to BAMF HQ: 136449,93062
    Speak to Drill SGT Breakerz: 136189,93056

    This gives you the zombie mission chain Boot Camp. After finishing each kill count mission make sure you read the text as it tells you the next NPC to talk to, to receive the next kill count. Otherwise you just have to run around clicking on them all.

    Boot Camp (Zombie) mission chain

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 1 - Trail By Fire
    Mission Broker: Drill Sgt.Breakerz - (136188, 93055)
    Task: Kill 50 Zombies
    Reward: Weapons Handling 0.06 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 2 - Bring The Pain
    Mission Broker: Cpt.Gruber - (136201, 93143)
    Task: Kill 100 Zombies
    Reward: Alertness 0.09 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 3 - BioDome Defence
    Mission Broker: Staff Sgt.Ortez - (136061, 93112)
    Task: Kill 500 Zombies
    Reward: Dexterity 0.64 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 4 - Hell Week
    Mission Broker: Senior Drill Ins. Rufio - (136076, 93024)
    Task: Kill 5,000 Zombies
    Reward: Evade 2.65 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 5 - Graduation
    Mission Broker: Cmd. Striker - (136325, 93101)
    Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
    Reward: Dodge 5.29 PED; 1 B.A.M.F Tactical Radio

    ** Upon completing boot camp you can start the National Guard mission chain below:

    National Guard (Zombie) mission chain

    ***Important note - ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before the last kill on each mission. some will try to update immediately after the last kill and others by sending you to an NPC that updates it. In each case, if you do not have the radio in your inventory (top level, not inside of a container) the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over.

    Mission Name: Community Service
    Mission Broker: National Guard Operations Officer [136287, 93000, 101]
    ***Important note If the NPC to start this next step does not give you the missions and tells you something along the lines of you must complete any missions you already have open, go to Mobile Mike to do a short mission to repair your radio. After the repair mission, you should be able to receive this mission.
    ***Important note about Mobile Mike: There is 2 mobile stands (1@Noobs Noobs Noobs TP and 2. near City of Dreams TP) and only Mobile Mike [136353, 84753, 237] @ City of Dreams gives Mobile Repair mission.

    Mission Name: National Guard - Tryouts
    Mission Broker: Sanchez - Sgt. BRAVO Company (136093, 94260)
    Task: Kill 1000 Zombies
    Reward: Weapons Handling 1.29 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - Support Recon
    Mission Broker: Bruiser - Cpl. FOXTROT Company [Rocktropia, 135538, 95119, 123, Waypoint]
    Task: Kill 3000 Zombies
    Reward: Combat Reflexes 3.86 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - Search for Charlie Company
    Location: Sgt. Bishop CHARLIE Company [Rocktropia, 137304, 94622, 373, Waypoint] Fly to top of building then go down 3 or so collapsed floors
    Mission Task: Kill 5000 Zombies

    Mission Name: National Guard - Power Grid Protection
    Location: (NAME) (136599, 94267)
    Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
    Reward: Aim 12.88 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - The Advance
    Location: (NAME) (134899, 95813) Then Return to (135570, 94727)
    Task: Kill 15,000 Zombies
    Reward: Aim 19.31 PED

    mission Broker: Antonia hatchet North of Tangerine TP : 134396, 83735

    Prison mission chain
    Get lockpick out of dumpster: 135427,88116 - You don't get a interactive symbol on cursor for the dumpster. Just click on it.
    Head to tangerine TP : 134411, 83613
    Head to building amongst shops: 134340,83450
    Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.

    Once a prisoner, missions must be done in order. If you talk to the wrong NPC, interact with the wrong object, try to utilize the stairs from a floor/tier you are not yet on, or try to enter an area you do not have authorization for yet you will be killed. If you leave the prison during this entire mission chain you will be considered a snitch and incur an additional penalty mission requiring you to kill 200 prisoners before your normal prison mission will continue.

    - Cellmate Politics (Santana) - Obj.: Kill 50 Inmates. Reward: Combat Reflexes
    - Ox and Pals (Ox) - Obj.: Kill 20 Inmates. Reward: Aim
    - Freaky Phong (Phong) - Obj.: Kill 1 player in PvP Reward: None
    - Lights! Camera! Distraction! (Jimmy Lights) - Obj.: Kill 40 Prison Guards. Reward: Inflict Ranged Damage
    - Show of Force (Freeman) - Obj.: Kill 5 players in PvP. Reward: None
    - Sissy Situation (Brittany) - Obj.: Kill 50 Sissys Reward: Weapons Handling
    - D Block Mafia Memory (Sal) - Obj.: Kill 30 Zomhatten St Boyz. Rewars: Light Melee Weapons
    - 2 Timez Two Times (2-Timez) - Obj.: Kill 50 Zomhatten St Boyz - Reward: Wounding
    - Crancked Out (Crank) - Obj.: kill 5 PvP players - Reward: None
    - Crisis Intervention (Hector) - Obj.: kill 100 Inmates - Reward: Longblades
    - Die Rat Die (Mouse) - Obj.: kill 40 Inmates - Reward: Melee Combat
    - Tick Or Trotter (Trotter) - Obj.: kill 80 Northern Hitman - Reward: Shortblades
    - Promotion Time (Tiny) - Obj.: kill 10 PvP players - Reward: 1 Rocktropia Gold Coin

    - The Rico Act (Rico) - Obj.: Kill 100 Prison Guards. Reward: Rifle
    - Chesters Pawn (Chester) - Obj.: kill 10 PvP players. Reward: 5 Rocktropia Gold Coin
    - Make Your B-Roll (B-Roll) - Obj.: kill 100 Inmates. Reward: Power Fist
    - Brixton Bass (Brixton) - Obj.: kill 200 Inmates. Reward: Handgun
    - Moreno Moreno Moreno (Moreno) - Obj.: kill 200 Prison Guards. Reward: Diagnosis
    - Pass the Soap (Bubbles) - Obj.: Kill 300 Inmates. Reward: Bioregenesis ~14 ped (From 2108.9x to 2126.0x)
    - Dred The Pirate (Dred Mong) - Obj.:Kill 150 Inmates. Reward: Concentration ~2 ped (From 1912.4x to 1920.4x)
    - The Damien Diamond Riot (Damien Diamond) - Obj.: Kill 500 Inmates. Reward: Dodge ~17 ped (From 3106.5x to 3122.1x)
    - The Rob Report (Rob-D) - Obj.: Kill 20 Players. Reward: 5 ROCKtropia Gold Coin

    - Corrupted C.O Sweep (Cesar) - Obj.: Kill 300 Prison Guards. Reward: Evade ~8 ped (From 5427.5x to 5430.8x)
    - Smileys Product Run (Smiley) - Obj.: Kill 300 Inmates. Reward: Dexterity ~2 ped (From 5334.8x to 5342.0x)
    - Snakebite I (Snake) - Obj.: Kill 200 Prison Guards. Reward: Alertness ~2 ped (From 3754.5x to 3780.7x)
    - Jags and Jugulars (Jags) - Obj.: Kill 500 D-Block Mafia Members. Reward: Perception ~13 ped (From 4979.6x to 5013.0x); Inmates Severed Finger
    - Playboys Painful Pleasure (Playboy) - Obj.: Kill 500 D-Block Mafia Members. Reward: Melee Combat (4647.60 to 4678.60) 2.43 peds
    *NOTE: During the dialogue to obtain this mission you are given a choice of answers. If you select the wrong answer he calls you a snitch and you have to go to the prison yard to activate a kill any 50 prison mobs. Once done, return to him and he gives you his mission.
    - Jokers Laugh (Joker) - Obj.: Kill 800 Prison Guards. Reward: Bioregenesis
    - Hackers Hell (Hacker) - Obj.: Kill 1000 Zomhatten St Boyz. Reward: Handgun
    - Bosco the Boss (Bosco) - Obj.: Kill 100 PvP Players. Reward: 50 Rocktropia Gold Coins


    Whistlers Bite (Whistler)
    Obj.: Kill 5000 inmates - Explosives (2200 -> 3100)
    Zomhattan Boys Destruction (Jackson)
    Obj.: Kill 5000 Zomhattan boys - reward Bravado 8.8 PED
    Martinez Madness (General Martinez)
    Obj.: Kill 5000 inmates - reward Coolness 9.76 PED
    D-Block Finale (Chevnosky)
    Obj.: Kill 5000 D-Block mafia - reward Melee Combat 22.15 PED
    Sniper No Sniping (Sniper)
    Obj.: Kill 5000 C.O's - reward Rifle 26.41 PED
    The Downfall of Mr.X (Mr.X)
    Obj.: kill 5000 Inmates - reward Combat Sense 15.57 PED
    Mamba Mutiny (Mamba)
    Take out the Rats Obj.:Kill 100 players then Kill 10000 inmates and avoid S.O.R.T officers (dont kill one)
    + after killing 10000 you have to find Captain Bosscerlli - reward Shortblade 25 PED; Silver keys
    Enforcer (Enforcer)
    Obj.: This guy seems to have no mission

    Total kills: 40,000 for this tier

    Exit the jail

    Leave thru the main doors and you will commence the final escape mission

    The Great Escape Begins

    Get to the Wardens Office
    Find the shed get thru undetected, you'll see Houdini near the shipping containers
    Get to the Water Tower
    Survive the fall and return to the Yard

    Start a Riot - Obj.: Kill 10000 inmates or cops

    Get to the Roof
    Get to the Lighthouse
    Signal a boat to the Island
    Get to the Docks
    Swim out to the Ocean

    SHARK ATTACK! - Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

    Move location
    Check out the Ocean Floor

    SHARK ATTACK 2! - Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

    Swim to freedom - head to the small island
    Look for the crate of supplies nearby on the beach
    Enter the 4 digit code 5879 to disarm the device on the crate.

    You receive 1 Strength + 3 Mystery items
    Company cellphone
    Set of keys
    Top Secret Company files folder
    (These allow you to start "The Company" mission chain)

    Other missions in prison:
    The Yard Missions (these can be done while doing the main missions)
    NOTE: Certain prison mission progression must be met before theses open up. i do not have a compelte list but will add what is known after each
    10lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 100 Inmates. Reward: 80 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
    20lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 200 Inmates. Reward: 160 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
    30lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 1000 Inmates. Reward: 85 hooch
    40lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 2500 Inmates. Reward: 150 clicks teleman coin BP
    50lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 3500 Inmates. Reward: 10 Rocktropia rollies
    60lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 4000 Inmates. Reward: 160 hooch
    70lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill (70 bugged so can't do it)
    80lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 2500 Inmates. Reward: 20 Prison Hooch and 100 click Rolled Smokes BP
    90lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 10000 Inmates. Reward: 200 clicks teleman coin
    100lb Dumbell Workout - Obj.: Kill 2000 Inmates. Reward: 100 clicks teleman coins
    300lb Dumbell workout - Obj.: Kill 10000 Inmates. Reward: 75 ped Shotcallers shank, 100 click Teleman coin bp
    100 lb Prison Bench Press - Obj.: Kill 1000 Zomhattan St Boyz. Reward: ??
    Prison Curl Workout - Obj.: Kill 100 Guards. Reward: 50 Rocktropia Gold Coin (opens after final Tier 2 mission)

    Hall missions:
    - Prison Life (Inmate in Main Hall or Inmate between Main Hall and Shower) - Obj.: kill 50 Inmates Reward - enables new mission to be started
    - No Way Out Maximum Security Prison (D Block Chow Officer or Solitary Confinement Officer(some of them)) - Obj.: kill 50 Inmates - Reward: enables new mission to be started.

    How To Exit NWO Prison ( If you're not a prisoner)
    You may die near the NWO prison LA and revive inside or just explore there and find yourself lost. There have been some rule changes over the years so there is a lot of confusion on what you can do to leave.

    If you are just a "visitor" you are free to leave anytime. Lets assume that you are at one of the 2 revive stations, both of which are in the main hall. Jump down from your revival cell onto the main floor. Don't try to walk down the stairs, you will die. Dont try to talk to any npc's you will die.

    If you have a flying vehicle, you can just go out to the main yard, spawn it and fly away.
    Or there is a one way teleporter that you can find and go to any tp on planet.

    Here's how to get to the TP: Face West, you will see the staircase, and also a bench press and a boxing heavy bag. Go towards the heavy bag, and pass by it just to the right and you will see a passageway behind the wall.
    Take this passageway and go through the doors. Turn right and go down to end of room and you will see a doorway to the left. Go Through the doorway and go up staircase. Leave stairs when you get to 3d level ( next to last) and enter empty room. Turn left, then turn left again and you will see another staircase. Take this up and it winds around and you will come to the TP.

    If you just want to spawn a vehicle outside , go East from the middle of main hall just passing South of some tables. When you come to the wall turn right then go through the doors into mess hall. Go Straight and you will come to another wall with tt, repair, crafting machine. Take the door on the right and go through hallway until you come to another room with a cage. Go Through the double doors and you will be out on the yard where you can spawn a vehicle.

    Back in floor of the Main Hall, There is a guard by the main stairs. He is a televator, not an npc. You can take him down to level 0, there are a few prison cell shops. A few are active.
    Company Missions

    Company Mission "The Cure"
    For those who finished the prison chain, There are some Company missions: There is a relatively new one called "The Cure"
    NPC is Medical Officer inside Company Safe House. Mission is to kill 50k points of Intelligent Zombies: Prospects 1 pt, Enforcers 2 pts, Decomposing 3 pts, Nomads 4 pts, and Outlaws 5 pts.

    Reward: Company Issued Zombie Vaccine which gives access to infected or contaminated zombies.

    There is a "Rogue Trader" NPC in the penthouse of the Chelsea building that exchanges various items for loots. I went to him and exchanged the Zombie Vaccine and received a Mindkey. i gather this is used to start Virus Kong waves in Hell. My only problem is that this Mindkey is not tradeable, while the Zombie Vaccine is.

    Police Academy

    Note: You must have completed the Road to War (First mission in Zombie mission Chain above) mission to obtain this mission chain.

    Police Academy I - Troll Removal Service
    Mission Broker: Lt. Funk (136247, 84761)
    Kill 50 Forum Troll
    Reward: Aim (~0.05 PED TT)

    Police Academy II - Soulshaker Invasion
    Mission Broker: Sgt. Baker (36347, 84753)
    Kill 100 Soul Shaker
    Reward: Combat Reflexes (~0.05 PED TT)

    Police Academy III - The Graduation Years
    Mission Broker: Cpt. Shramsky (136190, 84619)
    Kill 300 Soul Shaker
    Reward: ROCKtropia Police Badge (~ PED TT), 1 ROCKtropia Police Radio (~ PED TT), Status: ROCKtropia Police Officer

    Note: You must complete the police Academy mission and receive the Police Radio in your inventory to activate this missions. If you have done this and the missions are not activating then see Mobile Mike near ClubNeverdie (City of Dreams) to have your radio repaired.
    Police Daily missions
    Police Call 10-66 [135729, 83528, 199] 60 stereo jackers
    Police Call 10-57 [136908, 83902, 258] 40 mulholland boys
    Police Call 11-25 [Rocktropia, 136357, 84775, 237, Waypoint] 20 soulshakers
    **Others as well but still pending details

    Hell Missions:

    Hell(accessible from drop down menu at TP from rock)

    Demon hackers/ Code demons kill points mission
    Mission Broker: Imprisoned demon: 39373,19750,110
    Mission Name: Hackathon
    Stage I (3200 kill points):
    Laser Weapon Tech 10.2 PED
    Plasma Weapon Tech 6.58 PED
    Cryogenics 3.29 PED
    Stage II (6400 kill points):
    Rifle 20.40 PED
    Inflict Ranged Damage 13.17 PED
    Translocation 6.58 PED

    Horny Little Devil:
    Mission Broker: [39408, 19687, 110] (In Hell @Club Hell Landing TP)
    Mission Name: A Deal with the Horny Devil
    Stage I (Kill 100):
    Anatomy: 1.04 PED
    Combat Reflexes: 1.04 PED
    Dexterity: 1.04 PED

    Stage II (Kill 500):
    Aim: 5.19 PED
    Weapons Handling: 5.19 PED
    Courage: 3.31 PED

    Stage IV
    Heavy Melee Weapons: 51.88 Ped
    BLP weapon tech: 51.88 Ped
    First Aid: 16.54 Ped

    Kongs Kill Point:
    Mission Name: Duty Calls
    Mission Broker: Walkie Talkie on table @[39393, 19782, 116]
    Note** you cannot get this if The Great AI War is active so get it and the the AI War mission
    Stage I (3200 kill points):

    Stage II (6400 kill points):
    Shortblades 16.40 PED
    Inflict Ranged Damage 10.67 PED
    Bioregenesis 5.33 PED
    Stage III (12800 kill points):
    Handgun 38.80 PED
    Courage 21.33 PED
    First Aid 10.67 PED
    Stage IV (25600 Points):
    Weapon Technology 65.60 PED or
    Inflict Ranged Damage 42,67 PED or
    Evade 21,33 PED

    Virus Kongs:
    Mission Name: The Great AI War
    Mission Broker: Sgt Barriga [39393, 19782, 116]
    Stage 1: 24 PED Evade or Dodge
    Stage II:

    Mining missions(also at club Hell)
    Thiefs(skeletons) 39437,19746,110

    HTT Missions:

    Rocktropia access point(accessible from drop menu by going to hunt the thing)39097,20308,326

    Mission Broker: Sgt Savagery: 39081,20343,329 (Near Camp Finale TP)
    Kill point mission chain
    Stage I: 3200 points

    Hunt the Thing: (accessible from drop menu by going to hunt the thing)
    Video guides:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    **Credit to Crusader Crue "Knight" for the videos

    Secret Island Missions:

    Zombie Anti-virus mission: Give access to Bio-dome (Where tamable vampire pet spawns)
    **Credit to Kull for this write up

    Gorilla Kill points:
    Mission Broker: Archibald the monkey behind the bar inside Club Neverdie
    Any gorilla type counts (island. mountain, kong, sacred kong)

    Stage II (6400 Kill points)
    Shortblades: 16.4 PED implant or
    Inflict Ranged Damage: 10.67 PED or
    Bioregenisis: 5.33 PED

    Stage III (12800 Kill points)
    Handgun 32.8 PED or
    Courage 21.33 PED or
    First Aid 10.67 PED

    Below missions found @ the ND 500 Raceway Market TP: 38221, 22350, 122 (Just NW of TP inside hut)

    Death Drake
    Mountain Boar
    Petit Papoo
    Pirate Skeleton (Buccaneers do not count)
    Shark (Great Whites do not count)
    Snow Drake
    Storm Drake
    Village Boar
    Vulcan Drake
    Wild Boar
    Last edited by Fyrs; 01-06-2019 at 01:21. Reason: started updating waypoints to pastable waypoints in game

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    You must spread...

    Thanks a lot!
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    Also the rewards for missions (not sure if i can post this link ...just remove it)

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    just found this thread from RT chat - very useful ty

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    I just found this thread because swampymonster posted in it.

    Thank you Fyrs, this will save me a ton of time in the future!


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    Of note, i am slowly updating the missions data in Entropedia V2 as well.

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    Thank you! This will be very useful. +rep
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    yeah we needed this!
    Tried to make an update for RT myself, but RL doesn't allow me (still have plans) Very much new stuff on our planet.
    GJ Fyrs

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    Just did Pop dragon stage 1- had 2.15 ped AIM as a reward

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    Nice work +rep.

    I'll find this useful, haven't spent much time on RT but will get there at some point.

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