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    A-3 Justifier Mk.II Adjusted

    As in title. If anyone is willing to sell that baby for the fair price let me know.


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    Did you get this?

    If so:

    How is this gun working for you?

    Almost ready to do the Upgrade myself, but the more I read the less impressed I am With the Mkii adj. How is this gun any better than for ex. the Kallous (L) guns?

    Doing some compares at entropedia, the Kallous 6 and 7 With correct amp give almost same dmg/pec, and the 7 gives way more dmg/sec. Considering the price of the Mkii Adj. I would say the Kallous is more eco. What am I missing here?

    Best amp I've found so far for Mkii is the A204 which according to Entropedia gives dmg/pec 2.977. Found any better amps?

    Or is this gun mostly a status symbol / cool-to-have gun?

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    well with unlimited guns you got the advantage of not having to pay MU every time. I, for myself, would need around 3 or 4 limited guns daily and with UL gun i can just repair it, making it more eco than most, if not any limited gun. Also the MU for UL is paid back when you sell it. and best amp for it is adj a204 though the amp prolly costs 10 times the guns value lol. im using it with imp a105 and i like it.

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    Jan 2017
    John Grimreaper Weaver
    I have one for sale. What is your offer?

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