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    Oct 2016
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    Tailoring blueprints


    For my free blueprint loan service i am looking for more blueprints.

    I offer 50 sweat per blueprint. I realise that some are worth much more than that, but since i offer a free service, i don't expect to get all blueprints. 50 sweat is much more than what the tt offers

    A list of the Calypso blueprints i'm looking for:
    Beach Shorts Blueprint
    Berlin Jacket Blueprint
    Boheme Pants Blueprint
    Bono Shades Blueprint
    Cadet Jacket Blueprint
    Cadet Pants Blueprint
    Catre Shoes Blueprint
    Chili Sombrero Blueprint
    Cognac Coat Blueprint
    Cold Fabric Blueprint
    Dino Shoes Blueprint
    Direct Miniskirt Blueprint
    Dominator Coat Blueprint
    Enigma Bra Blueprint
    Evening Gown Blueprint
    Feodora Blueprint
    Flame Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Flame Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Flash Pants Blueprint
    Flash Shirt Blueprint
    Flower Boheme Shirt Blueprint
    Foxy High Stiletto Boots Blueprint
    Fresher Boots Blueprint
    Gem Bustier Blueprint
    Havok Thong Blueprint
    Hobb Bomberjacket Blueprint
    Holestripe Shirt Blueprint
    Leaf Beret Blueprint
    Linestrip Shades Blueprint
    Lodod Tanktop Blueprint
    Luna Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Luna Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Mallic Boots Blueprint
    Mannell Shoes Blueprint
    Master Coat Blueprint
    Multi Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Multi Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Musique Pants Blueprint
    Navy Officer Jacket Blueprint
    Nifty Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Nifty Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Paris Jacket Blueprint
    Private Jacket Blueprint
    Private Pants Blueprint
    Pub Bowler Hat Blueprint
    Queen Stiletto Boots Blueprint
    Racer Shades Blueprint
    Radar Jacket Blueprint
    Rage Pants Blueprint
    Rage Shirt Blueprint
    Rancher Hat Blueprint
    Reilly Boots Blueprint
    Rex Top Hat Blueprint
    Rexely Mesh Tanktop Blueprint
    Seduce Miniskirt Blueprint
    Spotty Pants Blueprint
    Squared Pants Blueprint
    Street Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Street Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Stripe Pants Blueprint
    Sun Cap Blueprint
    Sunset Shorts Blueprint
    Techno Pants Blueprint
    Techno Shirt Blueprint
    Tiger Stockings Blueprint
    Trix Stiletto Heels Blueprint
    Trucker Cap Blueprint
    Tuxedo Blueprint
    Urban Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Urban Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Work Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Work Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Zone Pants Blueprint
    Zone Shirt Blueprint

    Am i also interested in other blueprints?
    Yes, blueprints from other planets and from other books. Since this is the Calypso forum, i posted only the blueprints from the Calypso book i'm looking for. i've already made a topic with a big list, but i hope smaller lists will get more response. I'll start new topics for other blueprint books.

    If you have any blueprints you'd like to sell to me, please PM me.
    In game name: Nakor of Boreft.
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    Oct 2016
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    Bodegraven, Netherlands
    Nakor of Boreft
    Knights of Redemption
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