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    Oct 2016
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    Tools blueprints


    For my free blueprint loan service i am looking for more blueprints.

    I offer 50 sweat per blueprint. I realise that some are worth much more than that, but since i offer a free service, i don't expect to get all blueprints. 50 sweat is much more than what the tt offers

    A list of the Calypso blueprints i'm looking for:

    Advanced Animal Brush (L) Blueprint
    Animal Brush (L) Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-1000 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2000 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2300 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2350 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2500 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2500 Deluxe Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2550 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2580 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2600 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2700 Blueprint
    EMT Kit Ek-2900 Blueprint
    Finder F-102 Blueprint
    Finder F-103 Blueprint
    Finder F-104 Blueprint
    Finder F-105 Blueprint
    Finder F-106 Blueprint
    Finder F-210 (L) Blueprint
    Finder F-211 (L) Blueprint
    Finder F-212 (L) Blueprint
    Finder F-213 (L) Blueprint
    LifeScanner-I Blueprint
    LifeScanner-II Blueprint
    LifeScanner-III Blueprint
    LifeScanner-IV Blueprint
    LifeScanner-V Blueprint
    OreMiner OM-201 (L) Blueprint
    OreMiner OM-202 (L) Blueprint
    OreTransformer OT-101 Blueprint
    OreTransformer OT-102 Blueprint
    OreTransformer OT-103 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-101 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-102 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-103 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-104 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-105 Blueprint
    Transformer T-101 Blueprint
    Transformer T-102 Blueprint
    Transformer T-103 Blueprint
    Transformer T-104 Blueprint
    Transformer T-105 Blueprint
    Vivo Neo (L) Blueprint
    Vivo Oxy1500 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo Oxy2000 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo Oxy2500 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo Survivor (L) Blueprint
    Vivo T10 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo T15 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo T20 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo T5 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo UR125 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo UR175 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo UR200 (L) Blueprint
    Vivo Zychion Pro (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex B101 Material Texture Bleacher (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Bleacher Addon 'Fashion Line' (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Colorator 'Fashion Line' (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex TK120 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex TK220 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex TK320 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex VRX2000 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex VRX3000 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z25 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L) Blueprint

    Am i also interested in other blueprints?
    Yes, blueprints from other planets and from other books. Since this is the Calypso forum, i posted only the blueprints from the Calypso book i'm looking for. i've already made a topic with a big list, but i hope smaller lists will get more response. I'll start new topics for other blueprint books.

    If you have any blueprints you'd like to sell to me, please PM me.
    In game name: Nakor of Boreft.
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    Oct 2016
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    Bodegraven, Netherlands
    Nakor of Boreft
    Knights of Redemption
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