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    Played a bit 2008-9, looking for mentor

    Hello there, my dear Mentors and Newbs!

    About myself:
    22 year old guy, able to speak Polish and English, living in GMT +1 zone. I played tons of various games, mostly on steam and there is just too much to mention, but I Will state such as Space Engineers, M&B Warband, EU4, CK2, Stellaris, Second Life, IMVU, APB, Life is Feudal and so on - list is long.

    I have played a bit before engine update as a youngster, mostly doing sweating. I got back to game after 2010 and played for about two weeks, even invested some monies for few PED for start. I had other things to do, but here I am again, pretty determined to sit in well with the community. After 2010 I did a little of mining, exploring, oil rig picking, some hunting sweating etc.. I even had a V-Tol at some point but I do not remember my account credentials. However it was a long time ago and now I wish to estabilish some contact (preferably Discord) with locals on Calypso.
    I have already invested some money into PED and starter pack, so You do not have to support me with everything. I wish to gain tutorship, and earn myself honor to possibly enter a corpo/guild/clan. I cannot play a lot, but I enjoy doing both pve and pvp, crafting, trading and so on. I am also more oriented toward maintaining my PED at more or less static or positive level, even if it will mean I need to put more into it. Main reason i left years ago was casino type economy, I know it is still a thing but even then I believe there are more chances to actually do stuff.

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    Hi there, welcome back to Entropia!

    I have couple of spots open atm, feel free to find me in game via player/mentor register which ever you prefer.
    I'm happy to chat even if you don't take me on as mentor.
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    Simply put, if it happens in a pvp area I couldn't care less.

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    Welcome back. We call them Societies, and it's pretty easy to get into one. My advice would be: follow your friends into one. Meanwhile, Rookie chat channel is your society. Right click any avatar name to put that person on "Ignore" status and not see what they say (this is very useful for reducing the number of letters and confusion visible to you in the chat).
    .... just one man's opinion

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    New to Entropia! Looking for a mentor

    Hopefully you found one in game!

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    U originally played at age 10 to 13?

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