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    Adjusted Maddox T2.9

    Selling this 78/min attack speed beauty with +2.955 eco with a simple and cheap beast amp

    Very good rest of tiers: 133 77 157 107 69 64 112

    Be ready for unlimited powah for migration and more

    Buy now at 5.1K. Accepting CLD.

    Contact me here or ingame: Laia AyA CAT123

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    Extremely good eco and dps

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    extreme attack speed making very good last hit

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    Old Alpha gwit's Avatar
    Nov 2006
    Katielicious mallow (Kat)
    This is actually a weapon I don't waste peds with - I have had it a while now and seem to need to deposit less and less with it :-)

    Just a happy bumping review for you

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