I was wondering if the newbeginners or others have a survey like the one we had back in old times?

Was checking my email and it looked like this (from 2006):

"Dear Project Entropia participant,
Thank you for your participation in the virtual universe of Project Entropia.
Now, when some time has passed since your first experience with Project Entropia,
we would like to hear what your feelings and opinions are about the virtual universe.
This will help us to continue to develop and expand Project Entropia to become even more appealing.
We have a small survey put together that will take but a minute to fill out,
and we ask you please if you are willing to supply us with your feedback there.

The survey is located at:


Thank you for your cooperation.

-Project Entropia Community Relations Services

My question is, why don't we have this now for all players where we get a yearly or each few months such a survey sent to email to answer and let MA know our opinions on some subjects they might want to ask about? Or is the forum/suport cases the only place for them to get the info from?