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    Quote Originally Posted by arkon409 View Post
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    Angel is a mid level armor at best these days.

    Ghost is a trash noob armor...

    Someone say armors? Still buying those Zombie unL M feet...
    Anyway to the point, Jaguar L is a great way to hunt, I've done it myself problem is parts and planets. Finding the right parts for the right mu on the right planet is a lot of hassle sometimes...

    Ghost is just fine for casual hunts. Nowadays with low decay ghost is again a lot more often used.
    Angel is still a mid-high end armor. Anything that costs over 5 k ped a set is IMO.

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    Just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to point out that its super biased. Some points are good and valid but anything that is bad about L armor is overlooked.

    If less experienced people read this thread i hope they do their research and dont just blindly trust biased OP.

    Few points that are overlooked are:
    When L armor breaks u tt it, min tt value is 3% from full. So lets say angel set tted at its min condition is 9ped + MU lost on it. This is smth u never get back.
    L armor doesnt lose protection when it deteriotes, its a good and bad thing. So in reality u lose more on decay on L than on UL unless you repair your UL armor after each hit.
    Not gonna even mention tiering, avalability and etc.
    Anyone is better of with UL sets for daily grinds, L is good for thos occasional hunts on elemental or high hitting mobs. High end UL armors are for hardcore grinders (not many left since 2.0, wonder why?!)
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    Hello duncis, it seems that you missed this reply of mine a little further down the first page of this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Legends View Post
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    Yes I have an armor shop and I collect and sell armor. But if you must know, I sell both Limited and Unlimited armor sets. I'm not trying to push Limited armor on you, just sharing the conclusions that I have come to after weighing the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

    Regarding Tiers, I find that it would be cheaper and smarter to get an Armor set that already has the increased Defense or Durability rather then to try to increase it on a lower set through the use of Enhancers, unless there is no higher armor set. I'm pretty sure it would end up being cheaper. But I will have to save that discussion for a different thread because more testing and research needs to be done on this.

    I feel that the biggest advantage to an Unlimited Armor is when there is no Limited version or alternative, such as is the case with Gremlin.

    Another big advantage is for ubers and pros who plan to use the same high-level armor for years (for example Angel armor, mentioned by narfi above). narfi will save a great deal of PED using Unlimited Angel versus Limited Angel, because the markup on the Limited parts (~160%) will add up to a lot over time.

    But for the average player, someone who will probably use mid-level armors more then anything, the fact remains that there are great options available at very low cost when you consider the economy of Limited armor. No need to sink thousands of peds into Unlimited armors like many of us have done for years... (yes I own a few expensive unlimited armors)

    Being perfectly honest, this really isn't intended as a sales thread. I'm really sorry that some of you feel that's all it is.

    A tremendous amount of research went into it and when I decided to get into the Armor business, I wanted to find out what was more economical to use, because that is what I care about most and I thought that a lot of other hunters felt the same way as me. In this thread I've laid out the results of that research.

    I've created this thread for the benefit of all, not for my own benefit. But let the haters hate I guess...

    For those that are interested to know what's more economical to use, the looted armor on the auction that sells under 108% is the most economical, notably right now there are quite a few, i.e. Bear, Boar, Jaguar, Tiger, Martial, Aurora, Polaris, Thunderbird, Jarhead, Ozpyn Beetle, etc... these are all great choices and ACTUALLY COST LESS IN DECAY THAN ANY UNLIMITED ARMOR!

    The only inconvenience is that you have to keep buying replacement parts because you can't repair them. But as I've said before, to save money in Entropia requires a bit of time and effort.

    Completing your discipleship and obtaining your graduation armor is of course good advice, however, the fact remains, Adjusted Pixie and Musca Adjusted only have 2800 points of Durability and so will cost about 8% more in decay to use than any limited armor, so the cheap looted armor on the auction, again, is cheaper to use. Truth is, and I know this sounds counter intuitive, it would be wiser to sell your graduation armor and buy limited Thunderbird, Aurora, Bear, Jarhead or Ozpyn Beetle armor parts on the auction for 102% or less (quite easy to do). You would save quite a bit if you did and your armor would be top shelf and would allow you to hunt a wider variety of mobs.

    If you need an armor that is stronger than those I mentioned above and plan on grinding a lot of mobs with it, then I agree, it would be wise to get yourself an unlimited set, for example, Angel, Shadow, RX OpTac, Eon, Carramone, etc...

    If you don't care about economy than the advice in this thread is not for you.


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    Great thread !!!

    Glad you made the L vs UL also as I did with finders.

    With armor its all about using the right armor at the right mob, so is using the right depth at the right place when mining.

    Even with depth enhancers those are cheaper in use then the L finders, dunno if you tested that out on armor with def enhancers I suppose, cause depth enhancers break a lot faster on L finders than on UL finders?

    Also having all the Tiers unlock is such a huge advantage like the def enhancers on the armor
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