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    Atrox And Osseocollum Event, 10 Peds Per Global LA02, LA25, LA40, LA51

    Atrox And Osseocollum

    Global Bonus

    10 Peds Per Global

    Mining globals will receive 4 Peds Per Global

    Active On The Following Lands

    LA02 Atrox Paradise - Young

    LA40 Atrox Valley - Guard to OA

    LA51 Osseocollum Oasis - Young

    Rules Are Very Simple

    1) You Receive 10 Peds Per hunting global on any of the lands mentioned above, 4 peds for mining globals

    2) You must register with you full name here before we begin to track you

    3 ) This is a solo or team event, for teams please register team name and leader together

    4) I have the right to alter this event at any time , an announcement will be made in this thread and all previous prizes will be honored

    Below you will find links with info on each mob



    Nearest TP to LA40 is Akmuul Island [25132, 27315]
    There is a full service station on site at [23952, 28945, 102]

    Resources Include - Narc, Niks, Lyta, Typo, Alice

    Nearest TP to OLA02 is Nate Valley [36687, 33300, 310]

    Resources Include - Narc, Zinc, Vesp, Lyst, Garc, Growth, Oil

    Nearest TP to OLA51 is Atamis Paradise [22135, 46881, 153]
    Resources Include - Zand, Blaus, Adomas, Dianum, Valurite, Frig, Lanor, Devils, Nexus

    Teams Signed Up :-

    Silly Underground Family - 10 to PAY
    poopy and drakken losing big
    ULTIMATE Frozen Flame BIG30074 - 10 PAID
    NanoCubes need to be crafted!
    Atroxmenation. Leader - Deus Skubahta Rui
    FIRST and LENA vs Atrox - 10 to Pay
    Danger: Noobs With Guns - Boo Who You
    Shrapnel Hunters
    Dingo Troxing- 10 To Pay
    Amused To Death (Mista Jagwarr Flayer) team leader
    TusaLusa- Leader: Dona Cerveira Fashabor
    The Lonely Few- Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel
    How Dirty are Dingos - SPM
    Stockholm Syndrome- formaly -Team Mayhem - Chellinni Tr3i Fumuri

    Avatars Signed Up :-

    Vellu Rufus Leinonen - 40 Paid
    sherpa sherpa man - 20 Ped To Pay
    Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel
    Divinity Deth Undefined - 90 PAID
    Justin Gamer Espozito - 130 PAID
    Girts Smilgs Niedra - 60 PAID -/- 70 to PAY
    Oleg Oleg McMullery
    Drakken Drakken dethstalker
    Jack Wuzi Daniels
    Killahbee Killer Bee Killahbee - 20 to PAY
    Red Thorias Storm
    Overcooked OC Panda
    Acea JoJo Spades
    Leana Del De Lugana - 160 to PAY
    Torene Tor Alaranth - 60 to Pay
    Aphex Lieska Twin - 20 to PAY
    Geir SirCuteNShy Halv - 240 to PAY
    NaughtyHottie Cruel Ownage - 500 Paid - 50 To Pay
    sasha sale stormy
    Phillip TheTank J-Fry
    Xendar Xen Xal
    Anthony pepe pepe - 230 Paid
    Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch - 190 to PAY
    Mat browN Johnson
    Special-A Special-V Special-C - 10 Paid - 10 to pay
    Felix Wizard Petrescu
    Brisius2007 Greenday Avantiuristas - 10 to PAY
    Fanan Head Shot
    Grale Gurra Pilsner - 50 to Pay
    Skai Blondie Boa
    frolic fric dogfood
    frisky coolgirl999
    Shildas Shilda Shilds
    Usurper Adamas Sheridan - 10 to Pay
    chris enzo enzo - 80 To Pay
    Hadlen Immortal Deity
    Lucky Almostme Luciano
    south park mexican - 260 to Paid
    hitman nutrageti 47 - 10 to Pay
    hasan kuuhaku abdulhasib
    Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten - 100 to Pay
    HALO GreatPeter CLYPSY
    Sungam Sun Nosskire - 120 to Pay
    Fox FM superb - 200 Paid 110 To Pay
    Sub-Zero The Killer - 90 Paid
    jeffy kakan andreasson - 70 to Pay
    Terry Taz Devil
    stuart GAMBLE gamble - 50 to Pay
    Wazari Wazari Vulf - 410 Paid 10 to pay
    Mikkel Cowfoot Esteves - 20 to Pay
    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman - 10 to Pay
    Emy Maze Zola - 150 - PAID
    Deus Skubahta Rui
    chaotic Iceman CL - 150 to Pay
    The Beatrix Redgirl
    Rouslan Ross Koshovyi - 120 Paid
    pinthas schmenke dorian - 40 to Pay
    sir lance lancelot - 20 to Pay
    Boo Who You- 20 to Pay
    Syr Avalon Rychmon - 30 to Pay
    Wizzina Wizz Pale Moon
    Cloud Cloudy Skywalker - 10 to Pay
    Miguel Migi Nykvist - 10 to Pay
    Filip f3f18 Andersson - 20 to Pay
    irmantas irmantas010 bagdzius
    mindaugas laafaa23 kerecka
    Vic Oskar Skaya
    Tonny TcooL Svan - 90 to Pay
    The Sleepingtowel Towelie - 20 to Pay
    Norian Norian Xx
    Frisky coolgirl999 kitten - 130 to Pay
    Cool Buckwild Fly - 170 PAID - 20 to Pay
    Osic Beast Lethler
    kilbikas saunajumal kipsi
    Real Tonhl Hurremedis
    Conquistador Conq45 45 - 70 to Pay
    Mista Jagwarr Flayer
    Tally Talanz DeClaw - 190 to Pay
    Sad Sad Soul Minder - 190 to Pay
    Victor Brick Vonn - 20 to Pay
    cezar Luc eugen - 50 to Pay
    Alex Guarana Kristoffersen - 110 Ped Paid
    Ming fairgirl Li - 10 to Pay
    Deux Pelleman Ex - 200 Paid - 50 Ped To Pay
    rafiks1980 rafiks rafaello - 30 to Pay
    Tj Jr Neill - 80 to Pay
    Maria Tsunade Magdalena
    James Jim O'Neill - 80 to Pay
    sirtaj King07 sandhu
    Dr Ing George - 20 PAID - 10 to Pay
    Postalus PROMINT Ion
    Wasr10 WasrOG ak
    Jok star de PE LeMagniFiK
    Kara RavenJade SummerWind - 110 to Pay
    david manic goliath - 480 paid
    Tiberiuse Tiber Jerrelli
    tommy smokeymac galtress
    boa crusher snake - 80 to Pay
    Janko SuperKanjo vd Haak - 90 Ped To Pay
    firejuggler water zabimalu
    Petrus PM Molinos - 50 Peds To Pay
    my nikki insanity
    Barry Zandarth Hinter - 10 Peds To Pay
    Vamp vampdavis Davis
    Lord Ragnar BlackMane
    Benevolent 3J Afterdark - 10 Peds To Pay
    RON RONNY KOVICH - 10 Peds To Pay
    Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon - 80 Ped To Pay
    Alexander David Blood
    Melissa Xrystine Stormbreaker
    Lamia Majora Pechunter - 40 Ped To Pay
    Chellinni Tr3i Fumuri
    Jehuty Cerberus Ada - 80 Ped To Pay
    Daniel Taoseeker Steps
    Roy Roy Tyrell - 130 Ped To Pay
    Kenpachi SilentCrow BlackFalcon - 80 Peds To Pay
    Captain Jack Daniels
    Lamia Majora Pechunter - 40 Ped To Pay
    Jehuty Cerberus Ada - 80 Ped To Pay
    Daniel Taoseeker Steps
    Roy Roy Tyrell - 220 Ped To Pay
    Mættèu Cirrus Mérovée - 120 paid - 50 Ped To Pay
    Portugal GoRpY SLBenfica - 80 Ped To Pay
    xXx MrUnderCover xXx - 40 to Pay
    Maximus Lord Decimus - 1060 paid - 70 Ped To Pay
    Vellu Rufus Leinonen - 40 Paid
    Robert Zisul Alexandru
    Herre Herre Tribunal
    Dylan Doubledown Dash
    Mark The JOKER Piripower - 10 Ped To Pay
    Leo visaak Mars
    Ava Rumps Smith
    Gandorfean Gandolf Losi - 60 Ped To Pay
    Wezten Lakritsrem godispåse - 120 Ped To Pay
    Dan TheManWithThePlan Kae
    Saphira Amethyst Star - 10 Ped To Pay
    argo arx1 nommik - 170 Ped To Pay
    Livius Beyond Godlike
    Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu - 50 Ped To Pay
    elrikus rikus esterhuyzen
    MR armorer petter
    Zeipher Treithop Prodiq
    peterbilt bilt johnny
    Gloria GoNi Nicestyle
    Angel Of Shadows - 90 Ped To Pay
    Justin Dredon Montanaa - 20 Ped To Pay
    aka deathro executioner - 30 Ped To Pay
    Captain Alpha Reynolds - 170 Ped To Pay
    Chance IC1B4U Alphin
    Based BK201 Ghost
    Rakkety Tamn Tamn - 110 Ped To Pay
    Jonny Mamal Frisk
    Devon Deeveon Knight
    Crystal MJ Diamond
    Last edited by dombath; Yesterday at 01:25.
    Proud Owner off LA02-Atrox Paradise,
    LA40- Atrox Valley
    and LA51- Osseocollum Oasis
    Atrox and Osseocollum 10 peds per global event
    4 peds per mining global click here for the link

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    Mar 2007
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    Finland, Lapinlahti
    Vellu Rufus Leinonen
    Dark Knights
    Vellu Rufus Leinonen

    If i need to register here on forum

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    Jan 2006
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    sherpa sherpa man
    mod merps
    add me....sherpa sherpa man :-)

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    May 2014
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    Maryland, USA
    Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel
    Add me.

    Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel

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    Jun 2010
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    Divinity Deth Undefined
    Kindly register Divinity Deth Undefined

    Also the spawn at OLA2 is atrocious at best. I am having to run more then un taxed spawns. Please increase density. I love the incentive on atrox which has never been this high before so please get the spawn fixed asap.

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    Aug 2006
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    USA, Delaware
    Justin Gamer Espozito
    Blog Entries
    Register Justin Gamer Espozito

    Thank you.

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    Dec 2005
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    Girts Smilgs Niedra
    Guess Who
    Please register Girts Smilgs Niedra
    check out Smilgs hunting log and Smilgs coloring, texturing, beauty service
    Quote Originally Posted by girtsn View Post
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    ...the looter skills and/or higher dpp and efficiency weapon seems to be working (or whatever else anyway thanks for this)...

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    Aug 2006
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    Leeds, UK
    Oleg Oleg McMullery
    Register me please - Oleg Oleg McMullery

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    register me Drakken Drakken dethstalker

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    team name poopy and drakken losing big

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