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    R> High level mentor that can stop me losing 5k a month u.u

    So, I have played this game a bit over a year fact, my 1.5yr anniversary. I play fairly obsessively and have gotten into the mid-higher level recently and am now 74/69 Laser Sniper Hit/Dmg. I know my problems are...

    1) moving around too much
    2) taking big risks on boss type mobs (100+ ped) fairly often

    Just looking for someone who is very versed in EU, plays at a high scale (5-10k cycle/day) that would have interest in essentially being a high-level mentor to me. I know that's a LOT to ask here as the higher you go the bigger the secrets and competition get. Though I figure it's worth a shot

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    1) get gud

    2) stop hunting

    3) get gudder

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    cycling 5k/day is something like 150k a month? losing only 5k is 96.67% return... and well within MA variance...

    i would take almost 97% return right now..

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    1. Let M be your average monthly deposit
    2. Starting next month your new Maximum Monthly Deposit will be M/100
    3. Problem solved

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    Key 1: only grind mobs that loot high markup items/gear. And only during waves of high multipliers dropping from the system.
    Key 2: Have a side gig to fund your losses ie a shop or LA.
    Key 3: Improve your skill till you do dps on par with the top 10 players and hunt group mobs ie sand king, hogglo diablo...etc so you have the best odds in stealing big esi's off the mobs while all the lower dps suckers fight over 200 peds of shitbag shrapnel.
    Key 4: don't be afraid to mortgage your house to pay for the best gear in game.
    Key 5: have a large enough bankroll that you don't have to tt anything. Sell everything for a markup and make friends with as many crafters as possible to unload your loots on.
    Key 6: only buy your ammo as shrapnel to save a bit.
    Key 7: only deposit via boxes or universal ammo top up to maximize your deposit power.

    Otherwise if you are just looking to gamble less perhaps contacting a gamblers hotline might help.

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    Due to that annoying thing called real life, I am nowhere near 5-10k turnover per day at the moment, so can't really give an as up to date picture of current loot swings or what TT return to expect as many others can or as I could before. But I have turned one 660 ped deposit into a 100k+ ped asset avatar closing in on level 100 naturally skilled and my approach and method is broad enough to always remain relevant and applicable. I've always had just these three simple and very common sense guidelines:

    1. MA is a business, no charity, it's obviously designed so that you can't win vs the house longterm. Meaning when it comes to making money you should treat it as a pvp game and nothing else. Thus keep markup looted vs markup spent as high as possible. I treat LA tax as markup spent as well.

    2. Use as high eco in relation to rest of playerbase as possible. Used to be even more important in 1.0 with the dmg/pec system but I'd assume still very much relevant in 2.0 with MA's own efficiency stat.

    3. Don't expect (can definitely happen, just saying don't expect it) good or even decent TT returns unless sticking to a mob for at least 1000+ kills (preferably even several k especially on popular mobs). The variance on a mob per mob basis is that high, especially at the moment. Mindark regularly monitor and tweak the volatility though and have changed it many times through the years.

    Previously I would also include keeping passive TT costs (those not directly spent killing off mob HP) like healing and armor decay as low as possible, but you get a much much bigger part of these paid back in loot nowadays for it to become borderline irrelevant unless you go crazy.

    As far as secrets go, that's really in general more about staying up to date about where markup drops than anything else. Apart from maybe someone to talk you out of short spurts of high risk boss mobs lol, I'd say you need a markup oriented soc or group of friends to help each other out with research more than a mentor per se.

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    These are all great replies, please keep them coming.

    I do want to advise, I am strictly against TTing and will only ever do so if it's an immediate need to purchase something at a good deal and will only TT 101% or less items in which my quantity stack would not sell on AH with a gain.

    I try to maximize my MU hunting as much as possible, things really were going the best when I was on a trooper grind fest...but after finishing the mission 3-4x over, I burned out on them pretty hard. Mostly due to lag being obnoxious to hunt something with that type of damage. I suppose I could return there for some decent MU.

    Oils don't seem to be able to cover on avg MU even at their super high rate with MM going on. You can make on 1-2% on average, as larger globals typically have a limit on the amount of MU provided before filler shrap is added in. A good portion of my losses came from extreme TT loss on big tide claws while trying to make the most of Spleen at 120%. I was able to make up 400 ped in MU on a 20k cycle, which had 2k in TT losses. I realize that a 20k cycle is only about 800-850 mobs though.

    I've scaled back since that trip, though I see steady TT loss all around. I suppose it is just out of the question entirely to be buying L weapons/enhancers and expecting to do alright. Though even with accepting I've flushed 2k in MU spent, I've looted about the same MU overall thanks to some lucky ESI's. Though at the end of the day, having not paid any MU, I'd still be out about 9k in the last 2 months. I am really curious about the large hits, that heavy cyclers seem to hit in streaks - it's got me believing in kickback periods which I even have noticed myself during better times that these come in waves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jambon View Post
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    Key 5: have a large enough bankroll that you don't have to tt anything. Sell everything for a markup and make friends with as many crafters as possible to unload your loots on.
    One problem I have found with this is that any time I sell private party sales to crafters, they want to buy at steep discounts - yet they will happily pay full price for my goods on auction. A prime example was me offering muscle oil at 103% when the cheapest on auctions was 104% (a 25% discount below auctions). The crafter haggled with me for several minutes wanting to pay 102.7%. I stopped arguing and listed it on auctions. Shortly later, he purchased what I had listed for 103.4%. I've found it's more worth while to list on auctions than argue with petty people over a few PECs.
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    Both mobs available in good density at Songkra Valley. Damage: Cut/Stab/Impact.

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