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Thread: Beauty

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    Feb 2007
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    Omegaton West Habitat, Tower Gamma 29G
    Noemy Siphilys Conscience


    HairStylist with 25 haircuts (10ped for any cut - Beard and Eyebrows 3ped - Color Beard and Eyebrows for 5ped) - HairColorer for one of the cheapest ingame (Around 30ped) - Body resize tall or small, fat or slim for 10ped - EyesColorer for 15ped and Face alteration are too much expensive to set a prices all depend how much panel you want to change - On Calypso at Omegaton West Habitat Tower Gamma (close to the Deluxe Center) Floor 29 G Appartement.
    Also Shopkeeper Inside for updated markup with all kinds of Items.
    I am active and skilled player logged on everyday i can. Add me in Friend List ingame or on forum here.

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    Hi there , I need your services, i've sent you a friend request IG

    Asmodai Xiau Turiacus

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