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    Full condition craft, 100% QR blueprint and maxed out. In 86 click got one success.

    Don't see anything wrong here. All working as intended...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alukat123 View Post
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    100 clicks the min-return should be raised from 66% return to 85% and success rate should be stabilized.
    1000 clicks the min-return should be raised from 80% return to 90%.
    4000 clicks the min-return should be raised from 80% return to 93%.
    after that, don't care if it takes another 150k clicks to actually make the jump from 93% return to 95% return...

    What determines if it's worthwhile crafting should be MU input vs. MU output, not if you can gather mats for 100+ or even 1000+ clicks... change the 50% return near successes into 90% return near successes, remove the overshooting on every success.


    please MA do this, make crafts which were worthwhile prior to crafting changes worthwhile crafting again.

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    I can only speak of my own experiences. Everyone knows how big I am on crafting and I am experienced enough to know what I am doing. As of late there has indeed been a remarkable difference in the crafting scene, most notablly EP4.

    Now I own shops and I struggled to keep the stock rotation going somewhat before, but it was doable with frequent hofs of 10k peds plus. And the residue used to craft items to stock in my shops, being so usefull. Do I really need to explain again the viabillity of EP4 in the correct and usefull context? Its not a gamble as many might think. Or it is but shouldnt be at my level and the things I do.

    Since the last few updates, tweaks and changes to the crafting system or coding, the game-host, has ruined me lootwise. Every deposit gets ripped rellentlessly and hard like never before and the returns is just plain crap. This has forced me to cease deposits, as before and ceasing from logging in and playing this game. Resulting in further neglect on my LA, shops and more. Frankly I cant be arsed at this stage, as its safer not to log in. Too expensive, too targeted, to oobvious. I do feel "cased" at times.

    I am working on a startup IRL. I will try and save what I can from this platform and chip out, to fully focus on something viable. Ive lost too much and the Host knows it.

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