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    Dropping items time limit?

    Just for the heck of it, I sometimes like to drop a PEC of oil or or something on the ground in odd places when I'm mining. Sometimes I expect someone else to pick it up after coming across it, but I've also seen the items remain in the area for some time. However, even in extremely secluded and hard to get areas, these items tend to disappear by my next login.

    With that in mind, is there a time limit for how long something is placed on the ground until it disappears (excluding areas you own like residences, etc.)?

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    is there a time limit for how long something is placed on the ground until it disappears
    I've had stuff that 'survived' well over a year before being picked up. There were also some terrain changes made a while back which somehow avoided changing exactly where I had stuff on the ground. I wondered (and still do) if whoever was using the terrain tool couldn't handle that bit lol!
    My guess on what I currently have in the wilderness is maybe 18 months... I'd have to check on other planets if stuff there has still survived several years!

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    That welding wire blueprint north of New Switzerland has been there for several months already, surviving VUs and maintenance downtimes.

    Dropped items still appear on your item list btw; maybe it's one year like it's for won/expired auctions?
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