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    IPX, Copyrights, etc.

    As Mindark is about to enter a new era involving copyrights, etc. with the IP Exchange idea involved with Deep Token, I have some questions and issues related to copyrights, etc. that Mindark and Planet Partners may want to resolve before going to 'deeply' in to that arena...

    There's a LOT of music in Entropia Universe, whether it's on Rocktropia, Monria, Arkadia, or some other location. Does each planet have the copyright to the music that comes from those location, or right to stream the music coming from there? If so, how far does that copyright extend, and does any of it extend to participants in any way?

    From time to time I use Open Broadcaster to record some activities in Entropia and put that on youtube... It seems like every single time that that happens Youtube sends me an email that states something similar to:

    A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.

    This is just a heads up
    Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

    There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views.
    Is there any way you can start getting songs in game to all be used in ways where that type of thing isn't happening so blasted often... either songs created by the Planet Partners, or Mindark themselves, or by using some third party song creation process that will allow songs to be streamed, etc.? Hell, why not do a music creation competition by folks in the community and just start using community created songs, with part of the song submission process being allowing the copyright to be passed on?... at least in part?

    Seems that if all songs from Entropia that get streamed get either taken down or music removed from social media sites like youtube, it'll make advertising the game a bit more difficult in ways... especially if you ever do start making the affiliate program more widespread than it currently is...

    Won't that type of thing get worse as you guys start exchanging Intellectual Property between different copyright owners over and over? Some copyright owners are horrible about this type of thing. Heck, once Ford even sent me takedown notice for some free stock photo I once shot that had a Ford car way far in the background that was barely noticeable. I can definitely see some copyright owner doing likewise if something they put on IPX isn't getting a royalty for some game or app it ends up in or whatnot.

    It seems like you are about to walk in to a minefield... Would hate to start seeing people get sued just for posting some screen print of something in game since the screen print has some copyrighted tree, blade of grass, or whatever.
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    One of the reasons to always mute music in games, if you want to get a share of the views cash.
    Most of the Calypso music is copyright free, I think 2 songs got flagged by a copyright, and it wasn't MA copyright.
    When checking the part and looking at the copyright holder, it wasn't even close to the song they owend, but with less then 1k views YT isn't going to correct that error.
    I even had a silly bird chirping ingame that raised a copyright, how on earth can you get a copyright on a bird sound
    Well those video's with wrong copyrights I always just delete, because they ain't going to make that money of those.
    And atm when I wan't music under the video I will add it myself, with music that I know that is free to use.
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