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Entropia is a big sand box and i would just like to see mindark dropping back a lot of toys that have fallen out of the sandbox back inside for us to play with.
That sandbox analogy gave me an idea. Imagine if a bunch of unused assets were randomly distributed throughout the map, for anyone to find? There could be a dot appearing on radar when you get close enough to one, like the current grey-colored "interactives" dots. And if a player happened to discover an item worth 50+ PED, a global message would appear, "Coelacanth Coelacanth Maryka has found an item, Shadow Helmet (F) worth 51 PED".

The interactive dots are needed in case the random location was in heavy vegetation or something, so people wouldn't keep running past it, oblivous to its existence. Some of us like playing the game with graphics quality cranked up.

There would be nothing unfair about this, and would promote exploration and adventuring. Every player who puts in the time to explore has an equal chance to find something, whether it's a piece of Guardian armor or a Mod Merc. Put the old unused toys back in the sandbox and let us find them!