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Thread: I miss PE

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizz View Post
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    Ahhh crap!

    So, now I got 2 midlife crisis?
    In real life AND also one in my virtual life?!?

    No, not RIP PE.
    PE is the game I still play.
    Project Entropia just got a few extra planets to make it a universe.
    But in my hart it's still PE.

    Just listen to this and step back in time again
    Yeah right... For whatever reason Ma thought idiots/gambling addicts would pay for the planets and they sold it on that.. If they did not sell that then what...

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    Apr 2013
    real life
    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
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    you are certainly right there somehow.

    we are all marching into our midlife crisis here, being stuck in the everyday's routine of our lives and in PE.
    and we want to feel this thrill again we had, when we were younger and every experience was new...

    Hold it, just hold it .
    I'm 34; I'm too young for a friggin' mid-life crisis.
    I'dd call it more saying goodbye of a prolonged childhood.

    I wish I had more routine in my life; but I moved to a new continent a couple years ago, got married; now I just started working on a couple of business ideas which are still in its infancy; while trying to get some more routine in my life.
    I just miss the times where I had a boring job and played PE in the evening (instead of doing things other young 20 somethings do).

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