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Whatever they did to crafting most recently, they really screwed it up badly.

BTW, I usually make Simple I and II conductors, plastics springs, mainly stuff that costs around 1 to 2 ped a click...
This is entirely false, MA have actually done something right with crafting for once. They increased the amount of success that you will get resulting in more product to sell. Before it was around 30-40% of tt in returned as product, now you can get up to 55% of tt in returned as product to sell. Sure they still have a long way to go but at least they did not leave it in the poor state it was 8 months ago.

If you want multi's, globals and hofs then move the slider towards condition. If you want product to sell to break even or profit then use quantity. You should look towards things that have a higher MU to craft. Simple I conductors you can barely get 105% for. Simple 2 conductors maybe 110% if your lucky and Plastic springs will be somewhere in the middle. In reality you shouldn't have been crafting those prior to loot 2.0 unless you were using them craft something else or you were just wanting to do something with your hunting loot other than TT it...same thing still applies now.