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Alright, so I have learned a few things from this thread:

1) You're never supposed to compete in events the day they start
2) You're never supposed to compete in events the day they're reported fixed
3) I must accept the fact I have lost items in game for not following the above rules
4) The player base will defend to the death MA's shotty work
5) MA needs to cancel Summer Mayhem and just start Migration today
Based on u're 340 use... means u're lvl 80 ... min 1 year in game.... So in this time u didn't figured out that THIS IS THE FIRST GOOD THING MINDARK DID ? THEY FINALLY STOPPED THE DAMN EXPLOITS ! Ofc.... they are incompetents ... but that's other story . Buf FFS ! They FINALLY DID SOMETHING RIGHT!
I am glad they paused it and I hope they will pause it until all damn bugs are fixed, no matter how many times. At least since then on we will have a fair competition .... Only high grinders will win not fukin exploites ... Means dedication and skills will be rewarded not scammers .
Have fun and be glad. Grind more and u will hof