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    They seriously need to fire all coders and remake the whole team with new blood again. This game is few years behind the gaming trend and technology, not to mention that they have problems with realesing simply events on time without bugs. The contect is very decent and I like it but the way how it all works behind it just sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grave Digger View Post
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    Dear MA.....
    There are simple Solutions for fixing the problem.....

    1. Just remove this stupid Daily Mission and put the M Tokens to regular loot......Nobody need this Mission....
    2. Remove Boss-mulmums and their points....ppl will think twice b4 exploiting
    3. Investigate later and bann ppl that exploited

    Atm MA put more effort to fix this as it is worth and making themself ridiculous with the attempt to fix it
    Solution 1 is the easiest Way to solve it
    i agree totally stop adding crap we dont need to please the minority, keep it simple, keep it sweet and please for fuks sake gief me an ATH just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bertha Bot View Post
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    make sure all participants can compete in a fair environment.
    That would be a nice one after all these years.
    Somehow I have a hard time believing this

    Gonna grab another bag of
    Entropia Universe: RCE -> RCNE
    Done with this MuppetShow.
    Have fun, and stay in tune, or was it, stay tuned?

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